Your Industry Association. What’s in it for you?

Industry associations are the life-blood of almost every industry in Australia.

Whichever industry or field you work in, whether you have your own business or are a sole contractor, there is likely to be an industry association representing your needs. From landscape contractors to window manufacturers and everywhere in between, your industry association is uniquely designed to ensure the success of your business and the industry as a whole.

So, what’s in it for you to join your industry association?

On a broad scale, the goals of most industry associations are threefold:

  1. To bring together members of the industry for sharing information, skills and to facilitate relationships and links within the field
  2. To give a voice to industry members, representing them on a wider stage
  3. To ensure the health, standards and reputation of the industry With these goals at its core, a membership to your industry association is a win-win. Whilst every industry association is different, forums and meetings within the association will allow you to forge business relationships and even friendships with suppliers, colleagues and other key stakeholders and help to streamline your business and potentially increase your clientele. As a member of the Master Landscapers Association, for example, members and affiliates include landscape designers, contractors and maintenance professionals, as well as suppliers, allowing members to form working relationships across all tiers of the industry.

A robust industry association is also in the interest of you as an individual, as well as the industry as a whole. The larger the association, the better the services it can offer to members and the better it can achieve its founding goals. It is in everyone’s interests to safeguard the reputation and health of the industry by representing and advocating for the needs and concerns of the industry membership on issues such as legislative changes, licensing, working and operating conditions, education and workplace health and safety. Your industry association is your voice, specifically formed to represent you. It is also your best way of staying informed of the changes that affect you and your business.

The LNA Master Landscapers Association was formed 40 years ago with the intended purpose of raising the public’s perception of the landscaping industry in NSW and the ACT. Since its foundation, the Association has grown to represent hundreds of businesses and individuals in the field allowing it to effectively grow and protect the reputation of the industry, as well as lobby to strengthen the health of the industry, the conditions for workers and the financial positions of businesses in what is now a burgeoning field.

But the benefits of membership don’t end with the global aim of representing the industry as a group. Each industry association is tailor made to facilitate the needs of individuals and businesses in the field to assist with smooth operation and improved profitably. Whilst the service offerings differ between industry associations according to the needs of the industry, you will find that as a member of your industry association you can access a range of exclusive benefits designed to facilitate the operation of your business, as well as care for the welfare and development of your staff.

Take for example, just a few of the wide range of membership benefits available to members of the LNA Master Landscapers Association (LNA). In the first year alone, membership offers over $1000 of value, making it well worth the investment.

LNA members can access exclusive discounts and offers through the Corporate Partnership program, making businesses more competitive and profitable. LNA Corporate Partners include businesses such as nurseries, power tools and equipment suppliers, and vehicle dealerships, as well as legal firms and insurance brokers specialising in the landscaping industry. These discounts could amount to thousands of dollars in savings, as well as the opportunity to create ongoing supply arrangements that save you precious time.

Whether you are a relatively new member of the industry or have a long-standing history, membership with your industry association is a great opportunity. For those with knowledge and experience to share, the information you can provide to younger members is crucial to their success and the future of the industry. Membership is your chance to give back to the industry by mentoring new members or simply sharing your skills and expertise. For younger members, forming friendships and bonds with older members provides you with unique access to a wealth of knowledge that only experience can provide.

In addition to these mentoring and network opportunities, the LNA offers a number of member-only workshops and new product demonstrations. Through a range of events held throughout the year, the LNA keeps members abreast of the latest trends in the industry, such as new tools, horticultural offerings, best practice techniques, technological advances, design styles and materials. Armed with knowledge on the latest products for construction and trends in design, LNA members can offer their clients the very latest in superior landscaping design, building and maintenance.

LNA members are also strongly represented to potential clients, other industries and students considering a career in landscaping by attending a range of events such as trade shows and career expos. On a more individual level, the LNA also supports the arrangement of apprenticeships by facilitating the establishment and placement of apprentices, as well as assisting with management of the ongoing apprenticeship process.

Again, the LNA supports the smooth running of business process and profitability by providing members with a number of resources specifically designed for use in the landscaping industry. These include free purpose-written contracts for landscape contractors that protect both the contractor and the client, as well as a rates guide (currently in its 16th edition) to assist with calculating the cost of works, raw material and labour costs, as well as business overheads and profit margins. There are also videos, fact sheets and regular blogs on issues affecting the industry to keep you up to date.

Membership to the LNA also allows you eligibility to enter the industry’s night of nights: The LNA Master Landscapers Excellence Awards. Held annually, the Awards are highly esteemed and promoted extensively to the public. Celebrating the very best achievements in workmanship, skill and creativity in the modern industry, the Awards give individuals and businesses the chance to show their skills and earn recognition in the industry, as well as with potential clients. The LNA Excellence Awards are extremely popular and are often cited as one of the greatest benefits of membership.

So why not explore membership of your industry association today? By joining your association, you will be caring for your industry, yourself, your business and your employees. Keep your business at the forefront of the industry, give yourself a competitive edge in the market and start reaping the benefits of membership today.

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