Yarrabee Gabion baskets

If you’re looking for something a little different and quirky as a feature in your landscape project or a form of casual seating to place around the firepit, gabion baskets offer the perfect solution.

When serious retaining works are needed to be strong, stable and long lasting, gabions once again fit the bill. Often referred to as gabion cages, rock cages or wire mesh baskets, the functionality of gabion baskets is surpassing traditional timber alternatives as they are not prone to rotting, termites or replacement inside just a couple of decades.

Gabions have grown in popularity, whilst existing woven hex shaped mesh and light gauge welded wire mesh have left users underwhelmed and disappointed. With previous type baskets, once they have been built, watching it bellow as the rock is placed inside is devastating. What makes it worse is when baskets warp over time due to low grade light gauge steel and a mesh opening which cannot support the weight of the rock inside it.

Yarrabee solves these problems with their range of structurally sound gabion baskets and spiral connectors. The baskets are available in both a 4mm and 5mm gauge steel giving options for both basic and advanced gabion structures. All gabions come in a 50mm x 50mm mesh size (aperture). This represents approximately 33 per cent more steel than the standard 75 x 75mm aperture mesh widely used in the industry. Not only does this give the basket superior strength but it allows you to use smaller rocks.The added benefit of using smaller rocks means they are “tighter” jointed than larger rocks which will have more open gaps between.

Gabions are available in both a high grade hot dipped galvanised (100 per cent zinc) or a galfan (zinc/aluminium) finish. Galvanised coatings are such a well-known and durable industrial finish that they are suitable almost everywhere. Galfan coatings can be suitable for extremely harsh conditions where corrosion rates are higher than normal.The spiral winding joining mechanism means you do not require any tools to join the panels together and create the perfect shape in minutes. As the winder passes through each mesh opening twice to link the panels, it creates a bond twice the bond of a single loop, securing the panels together with ease.

“Our goal with our range of gabion baskets is to offer a cost effective alternative to traditional retaining walls that will last for years to come,” said Steve Adams, Yarrabee’s Managing Director. “Gabions have so many advantages over other retaining options in the market. We wanted to build the strongest gabion basket we could but also so easy to construct that even my grandkids could do it!”

Gabions have a permeable construction meaning they are not susceptible to frost and water damage like traditional sleepers are. Water can easily flow through the basket reducing a moisture build up which therefore would accelerate the decay of the wall.

Retaining walls up to one metre high can comprise of two courses of 1000 x 500 x 500mm (LHD) baskets or a single individual basket of 1000 x 1000 x 500mm (LHD) without requiring additional stabilizing. The weight of the baskets when filled will selfsupport to this height. Like any retaining wall, appropriate drainage should be installed behind the wall including geotextile fabric to take away built up water. This will also ensure that water passing through the gabions comes out clean.

When needing to go higher than one metre, a council permit may be needed. And for that you will need engineer’s computations. An example of the type of structural engineering often used is shown here.

Structural galvanised “H” section steel has been set into a concrete footing and passes through each basket. When the baskets are filled with stone the steel is unseen.

The uses for Gabions are endless. Gabions have been used for the retaining works along the lakes in a new residential development.

A two-tiered system has been used to present a softer picture than a solid single face. We can see the structural value of gabions used along the cut in a rural road.

Even the new rail crossing removal program has used gabions in some of its projects. A 60 year design life was required here which Yarrabee gabions complied with. Now that’s a serious gabion wall!

Speak to Yarrabee gabion experts to discuss your gabion project by calling Yarrabee on (03) 9535 1500 or email sales@yarrabee.com.au and they will be only too happy to help.

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