Yanmar Vi082

I’ve heard great things when I’m onsite talking to operators about the Yanmar brand. They’re held in high esteem with people that have owned or spent a decent amount of time in one of their machines. So with that comes an expectation of quality products with plenty of power, performance and features to match. When testing this machine it was safe to say the bar was set fairly high and I was ready to be either impressed or sadly disappointed.

As I walked around the Yanmar Vi082 on my first inspection I was happy to see well thought-out features including the lights on the boom arm being recessed into the structure for protection, a sturdy pressed steel hood, which easily allowed for repairs along with the right hood being able to be removed tool-free for easy checks and servicing. It’s often a collection of these little items that seamlessly add up to make a good machine great.

Working in confined spaces is also no problem for the Vi082 with the true zero swing tail and the boom swing being provided as a standard part to enhance this feature further. We had plenty of room on our site to test the Yanmar, but I know for a lot of operators these features are paramount.

For me when testing a machine and in particular an excavator I’ve got a mental checklist I’m looking to tick off. The more items that get ticked off the list, the more impressive the machine is. As a starting point I’m looking for substantial power, next on the list is performance and by that I mean how easily and efficiently the machine has been able to carry out the tasks at hand. Last but no means least is operator comfort and sophisticated features that provide a level of time-saving that enhances the operator’s overall experience. It’s this last category that makes a machine a pleasure to operate without annoying noises or distractions that reduce progress or break concentration, which adds the potential risk of mishaps.

As I fired up the Yanmar for the first time the Tier 4 diesel engine producing 42.4KW was obviously up to the task of impressing with its performance. There was a tonne of power and after doing a little research and chatting with a few operators who had purchased this machine, it became clear very quickly just how well this 8-tonne machine was operating.

I could go through all the impressive stats regarding reductions in fuel and emissions, as well as improvements in efficiencies and performance, but what I’m sure you would be more interested in is a conversation I had with a business owner who owns both the 5-tonne machine and the ViO82. This person had used GPS to track his machines over several months and found after analysing his data, the ViO83 had gotten through three times the amount of work in the Vi082 than his 5-tonne machine and used considerably less fuel at the same time. On average the ViO82 was only using 4.5 litres per hour of fuel, which meant he only had to refi ll the machines every few days as opposed to every day. Numbers that have a big impact on any business big or small.

In our test onsite the power and hydraulics were both smooth and powerful. We had a pile of material to move around to get a good feel for the machine.

A brand-new twin pump hydraulic system has been introduced (ViPPS2I) with independent load sensing technology, which has had a great impact on the overall experience and power of this excavator. The machine has a nice wide stance which, adds to safety and effi ciency on site.

The cab had plenty of room and felt great because operator comfort is a big focus of attention for the Yanmar team. You could feel that this machine has been a progression of great features, which has evolved to arrive where this excavator now sits.

In terms of operating the ViO82, all controls felt natural and ergonomic in both their position and operating style. You can’t underestimate how important it is for the controls to be where they naturally need to be. The large LCD screen and the double slide seat are just two of the many features that operators will appreciate. Operators will not just feel at home, but confi dent and relaxed when at work in the Yanmar Vi082 Excavator. It has all the power and performance you will ever want along with impressive smooth controls and game-changing effi ciencies. The team at Yanmar should be proud of their efforts on the ViO82 because I’m sure there will be many happy campers who purchase this machine.

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