Yanmar V100 Wheel Loader

It is always a lot of fun for us here at LCM when we get to step up into bigger machinery and toss a bit of earth and other heavy-duty material around. I had a good read of the brochure and additional info a day or two before the actual test and was prepared for a gutsy and smooth machine. On the odd occasion, the experience might not live up to the marketing hype, but in this instance, the Yanmar V100 Wheel Loader didn’t disappoint.

Straight off the bat I liked the fact that the machine had anentry point on both sides of the cab. Climbing up into the cab and sitting in the air ride seat provided instant comfort. Being a bigger guy, a seat that can keep me feeling comfortable over an 8 to12-hour day is essential.

Moving onto the controls and feel of the V100, it was effortless to operate because it is fitted with equipment that enables precise and productive control of the machine.  The smart control, fingertip control  and multi-function joysticks all combine to create a seamless experience. With the joystick being on the right hand with all the setting you need, frees up the left hand to focus on steering alone.

Articulation with Less Impact on Lawns

Some other huge features are the straight and rigid articulation, which provides better reliability and better stability.

The front and rear wheels follow the same way when turning, which significantly reduces the impact and damage to lawns or pavements.

An automatic differential lock provides permanent all-wheel drive and automatic self-locking differentials on the front and rear axels (35 per cent locking effect), adding enhanced traction in both straight lines and turning corners, which means it’s perfect for bucket  loading.

In a significant improvement to stability and operator comfort, the addition of a rear oscillating axle means on lumpy and unlevel ground or when moving over branches, logs or rocks, the machine will remain stable and the stability of the machine will be optimised when using the bucket and forks. When driving into mounds and chunky material this oscillating rear axle will indeed come into its own.

Power Packing Tier 4compliant Yanmar 70hp Engine

The inclusion of parallel kinematics has allowed the V100 to quickly and precisely take loads without having to adapt the load angle and provides faster cycle times. This when combined with the Tier 4 compliant Yanmar 70hp engine (intercooler exhaust-gas optimised EU Stage V, EPA Tier IV), makes it perfect for government-run projects. Max torque is 308 Nm at 1 365 rpm. So essentially the emissions are down, and the power is up!

When it came to ground speed performance, the V100 maxed out at  20km, and it can be driven on the road when necessary. In terms of brute force the static tipping load when straight is 4370kg and when in full turn is 3860kg so there is muscle when needed.

We had the general-purpose bucket attached for our testing, but the machine would be equally impressive with a multi- purpose bucket or forklift  attachment.

On site we had a great collection of logs both in shorter sections and long. The V100 had no problem lifting thick sections twice as wide as the bucket itself.

When having a good look in the engine bay, you will notice the engine sits left to right, not front to back, which means the engine has been set right back to offer the maximum counterweight  possible.

All service points are at chest or shoulder height, which is perfect for servicing.

When checking out the engine, your eye will go straight to the advanced exhaust after treatment, which has reduced emissions by up to 90 per cent.

The Wrap-Up

Along with a pile of other inclusions like hydraulic quick-hitch system, hydrostatic transmission, travel ride control and tractive force, this machine is set to impress in environments such as sand and gravel yards, recycling yards and civil contractors for roadside applications. If you’re in the market for a new machine, don’t hesitate to reach out to your local Tutt Bryant Dealer who will be more than happy to arrange a demo.

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