XCMG Excavators

As the world’s third-largest construction equipment manufacturer with more than 40 years of industry experience, XCMG excavators have built a global reputation for innovation, reliability and performance throughout its entire range of construction, agriculture and industrial machinery.

Throughout 2022, XCMG took Australia by storm with its exceptional line-up of mini and large excavators. With more than 10 models available, sized from 1.7 tonnes up to 49 tonnes, and backed by one of the industry’s best warranty packages, the rapidly-growing popularity of XCMG excavators comes as no surprise.

Mini excavators

XCMG’s mini-excavator range is the perfect combination of high-performance, value-formoney and exceptional reliability.

Starting with the compact yet powerful XE17U 1.7 tonner purpose-built for tightaccess work, up to the robust and powerful XE80U designed to dominate virtually any construction project, XCMG has you covered.

With premium engines from renowned manufacturers including Kubota and Yanmar, plus top-quality componentry by Kawasaki, Bosch-Rexroth, Eaton and Miller, XCMG mini excavators are built tough to perform and durable to last.

XCMG’s mini-excavator range is
the perfect combination of high performance,
value-for-money and exceptional reliability.

Models available:
• XE17U: 1.7t operating weight, 64LPM hydraulic flow, 15.8HP Kubota engine
• XE27U: 2.7t operating weight, 82LPM hydraulic flow, 20.9HP Kubota engine
• XE35U: 4.2t operating weight, 108LPM hydraulic flow, 24.4HP Yanmar engine
• XE55U: 5.7t operating weight, 158LPM hydraulic flow, 41.8HP Kubota engine
• XE80U: 9.5t operating weight, 219LPM hydraulic flow, 73.2HP Kubota engine.

Large excavators

XCMG heavy excavators are renowned worldwide for their exceptionally high power, excellent lifting capability, extensive reach, impressive operator comfort and overall maximum operator satisfaction.

Available in various excavator sizes from 10 tonne to 50 tonne to cater for virtually any requirement or project, the entire range offers exceptional hydraulic performance, cycle times and breakout force. With premium Cummins and Isuzu engines, plus exceptional componentry by Kawasaki, Nabco and Miller, XCMG heavy excavators offer unmatched value for money.

In addition, cabins are spacious and comfortable for even the longest days on the job, including sound dampening and state-of-the-art controls. Alongside that, XCMG excavators are designed for efficient serviceability and minimal downtime, using only the most reliable components for premium longevity.

Simply, XCMG heavy excavators are a must-have for any owner who requires comfort, versatility and performance at a competitive price.

Models available:
• XE155: 16.6t operating weight, 2x113LPM hydraulic Ffow, 121HP Cummins engine
• XE215: 21.5t operating weight, 2x216LPM hydraulic flow, 181HP Cummins engine
• XE245: 25.7t operating weight, 2x241LPM hydraulic flow, 201HP Cummins engine
• XE310: 30.8t operating weight, 2x259LPM hydraulic flow, 226HP Cummins engine
• XE370: 36.8t operating weight, 2x304LPM hydraulic flow, 284HP Isuzu engine
• XE490: 48.1t operating weight, 2x360LPM hydraulic flow, 375HP Cummins engine.

Warranty, backup and support

XCMG excavators are backed by one of the industry’s leading warranty provisions, giving complete peace of mind and exceptional machine backup. Full warranty terms and conditions are available from your nearest XCMG dealer.

In addition, with dealerships and service agents throughout Australia, your investment in XCMG machinery not only delivers a premium machine, but also the minimal downtime that comes with unmatched aftersales support. XCMG’s primary focus is to ensure your complete satisfaction throughout your machine’s lifetime and beyond, by providing the best equipment, parts, service and assistance available.

 For more information about XCMG’s diverse range of construction, mining and agriculture equipment, visit www. xcmgmachinery.com.au. 


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