Wright Stander ZK

COX partnered with Wright Manufacturing in 2020 introducing the smaller deck Stand ons into Australia and have enjoyed great success in the commercial space.

With the Stander B range most popular with contractors who need to access backyards and tight enclosed areas, it is time to introduce a new selection of larger units. This range is called the Stander ZK with deck sizes from 52”, 61” and 72”.

The ZK range includes Wright’s premiere model boasting 37hp EFI Vanguard engines with a 16cc dual pump and motor transmission system from Hydro Gear, allowing the machines to reach up to 20km/h. This machine has a fuel capacity of 55 litres with dual tanks either side of the console for better weight distribution, split steel pulleys to withstand commercial use and with a 7 gauge steal fabricated chassis and deck, this machine will be able to handle Australia’s rugged terrain.

One of the best points of these machines is their capabilities on hills; each Stander ZK has the transmission, engine and deck on one platform. This means when the deck is lowered to the desired cutting height the centre of gravity for the machine lowers allowing this machine to become incredibly stable on any type of hill. The 72” deck also has the option of fitting a dual wheel kit to add extra grip and stability.

A few people have questioned why stand rather than sit?

There is a combination of reasons including comfortability as each stand-on is fitted with a suspended standing platform allowing it to absorb any vibrations, impacts from rocks/debris and adjusts for any undulating ground. Standing also reduces any additional stress, discomfort and injuries on the user’s back, which are commonly associated with sitting down all day while operating a machine.

From a safety standpoint these machines are second to none because if you are ever in an uncomfortable situation, there is an easy bail out method by stepping off the back. Visibility on the stand-on is also second to none because you have a full 360-degree visual enabling the user to spot stumps, rocks and any other obstacles.

Only recently launched in Australia, Stander ZKs have already been purchased by large mowing area contractors. Supported by Nationwide Dealer Servicing and Spare Parts program, you will receive the product and personal service you deserve.

Plus, they offer you a personal demonstration in order to see and trial the machine before you buy.

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