Work smarter, not harder.

The wrong posture when working and the wrong tools can not only ruin a whole day’s work, they can also place an uneven load on the back and shoulders, which can lead to injuries. This is why it is absolutely essential to use the proper equipment when working with brushcutters and grass trimmers.

In the development of their harness range, Husqvarna have focussed specifically on how the work is actually done. A Husqvarna harness reduces the load of the machine dramatically by creating a balance between the right and left shoulders, between the back and chest and between the shoulders and hips – distributing the load of the machine evenly and minimising strain on the operator.

Husqvarna Balance XT Harness

The Husqvarna Balance XT harness is the most advanced harness in the range. It is easily adjusted to fit different body sizes, including different setting for male and female operators, while still distributing the load evenly, without exerting pressure on particular points. The back plate and the padded shoulder straps, combined with the straps of the hip pad and their wide connections provide an absolutely unique balance.

Apart from distributing weight well, the Balance XT also has a shock-absorbing hip pad with a travelling connection. This function helps save the user’s back, since the machine can be manoeuvred better and easier with fewer movements of the body. The pad is also equipped with a safety release which allows a machine that is connected to the harness to be disconnected with a minimum of effort.

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