Built for maximum productivity

WOLF-Garten’s durable range of arbor solutions, from tree loppers to anvil shears, are designed to maximise your productivity.

Whether you’re a full time arboristor a contractor who does occasional pruning work, one thing is the same –tree jobs are always more complex the higher up you go!

Climbing is inconvenient and ladders can  be dangerous. WOLF-Garten offers innovative arbor solutions to help you do more from the ground and get more done in less time.

The WOLF-Garten arbor range offers convenience and flexibility – with variable extension poles up to 4m in length – and a versatile range of attachments to suit a variety of applications.

A favourite of the trade is the WOLF-Garten professional lopper attachment, available with an anvil or bypass cutting action and good for quick and easy pruning of branches up to 40mm diameter.

For larger branches, click off the lopper then add on the handsaw attachment, featuring stoppers at each end for greater control and hardened steel teeth for quicker, cleaner cuts.

Had enough of rough offcuts getting in the way? Click on the branch hook attachment and easily control any stubborn hangers-on. When it’s time to tidy up, professional grade WOLF-Garten secateurs will make short work of any low hanging or ground-based pruning required to complete the job.

The flexibility of the WOLF-Garten range doesn’t end with arbor tools. Whether it’s   a tree, a double-storey house, a pool or a pond, there is a WOLF-Garten attachment for every long-reach application including gutter and window cleaners, fruit pickers, brushes, pond nets and more.

WOLF-Garten products are German engineered and have been manufactured since 1922. Designed for maximum comfort and productivity, the WOLF-Garten product range is made with passion by skilled craftsmen using the highest-grade materials made to last. The range is backed by industry leading warranties from 10 year up to a lifetime warranty for products that are with the gardener for life, not just a season. WOLF-Garten, For Gardeners.

Available exclusively through WOLF-Garten specialist dealers or online at www.wolfgarten.com.au

For more information, or to find your local dealer, visit www.wolfgarten.com.au

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