Why use a pro landscaper?

* Landscaping and garden design can improve a home’s amenity, thermal performance, and value, and can reduce an environmental footprint
* Sustainable landscaping aims to work with the natural landscape and cycles. If the site still has vegetation, keep as much growth as possible, especially trees which will take a long time to be replaced
* Minimising hard surfaces will reduce stormwater runoff from a site, and using mulch will reduce a garden’s water requirements
* Using native and indigenous plants in a garden will provide habitat for local species. Native and indigenous plants also usually have lower water requirements than exotics, thus reducing water use
* In bushfire-prone areas, fire risk can be reduced by choosing less flammable plants and landscaping elements, including gaps in plantings, and avoiding plants near windows.
* Growing vegetables, herbs and fruit can reduce your environmental impact by reducing your reliance on food bought elsewhere, with associated use of water, energy and transport.

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