Why Satusteam will give your business the edge

Goodman properties put Satusteam™ through its paces in their sustainability implementation strategy.

In an interview with Shaun Nelson, the Head of Presentation at Goodman, he said, “I have no doubt, with the stature of Goodman’s place in the (property management) market, if we were to mandate using Satusteam™, that would send a ripple effect through the industry and… a lot of our competitors would do the same.”

Weedtechnics has been working with Goodman to develop sustainable non toxic weed control practises in a pilot program using Satusteam with a handful of their landscape contractors.

Welcome to the world of Satusteam™ weed control!
“We are extremely proud that Goodman, an Australian company and a sustainability leader in global property management, has chosen Weedtechnics Satusteam weed control systems as a part of their ecological sustainability Charter,” says Jeremy Winer Managing Director and developer of the Satusteam system.

Wondering why? There are a number of benefits!
• Move away from chemicals, additives, toxins, foaming agents required for weed control and cleaning hard surfaces.
• Move away from herbicide resistance, employee exposure to chemicals, WHS costs, storm and potable water contamination, negative impact on soil health biology.
• Satusteam is safe to use in urban highvisitation areas posing no risk, children, pets and chemically sensitive people.
• Weed control is productive, effective and costs drop over time as the method also depletes the weed seed bank.
• Its a multi purpose landscape tool allowing you to replace abrasive pressure cleaning with a low pressure, high temperature cleansing and sanitising solution.

But, what is Satusteam™ technology, really?
Satusteam™ is a patented hydro thermal technology developed by Weedtechnics. It is a unique method of depressurising superheated water into a mixture of saturated steam and boiling water through our patented nozzle system. It is lethal to weeds on contact. Yes, you read that right – it is JUST WATER! You just don’t know how satisfying it is to cook weeds on contact until you try it.

How will Satusteam™ give your business the edge?
Make Satusteam™ part of your tool kit for delivering landscape maintenance that is profitable and safe for people and the planet.

Weedtechnics vision is to have Satusteam™ technology providing organic weed control in every community, and through our efforts empower new business opportunities and create local, safe, meaningful employment.

If any of this resonates with you, let’s chat.

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