When safety matters

Blundstone, established in 1870, is 100 per cent family owned. It is an award-winning global business, selling boots in 70 countries, drawing from an international supply chain – and bringing together the best ideas, materials, and designs from around the world.

While Blundstone boots have evolved in style, design and technology, the quality has never changed.

Blundstone’s priority is making sure people are safe. They know that danger does not take a day off – so they design and build their boots to protect you in your workplace.

All Blundstone safety footwear complies to the Australian Safety Standard AS 2210.3:2019. This standard provides manufacturers and users with requirements for footwear intended for use in workplace applications.

As workplace requirements vary so greatly, Blundstone offer a range of safety boots, suitable for most applications. Their XFoot Rubber series includes steel toe caps, water-resistant leathers, thermal regulating bamboo lining, luxury Comfort Arch footbeds, electrical hazard resistance and Blundstone’s SPS MAX Comfort system.

Certain styles also feature penetration resistant soles, metatarsal guards and offer chemical resistance.

If you don’t need the 300oC heat resistant sole of the XFoot Rubber series, there are TPU and lightweight rubber soled footwear options which are heat resistant to 140oC and provide steel or composite toe cap choices.

Blundstone are known for having some of the best industrial gumboots, making them the perfect choice if you work in muddy conditions or any job where you get your feet wet.

All Blundstone boots are engineered to provide the wearer with a comfortable experience. Their different boots feature different safety and comfort systems, ensuring there is a boot suitable for everyone. Blundstone work and safety boots are backed by a 30-day comfort and six-month manufacturing guarantee and available now wherever hard work is taken seriously.

Look out for Blundstone’s Back to Work Like A Boss promotion in January and you could be the lucky winner of a oncein- a-lifetime experience with Toby Price, Australian racing legend and undisputed King of the Desert.

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