What’s new in the outdoors from AEG

While there is often talk about the big outdoor cordless products from AEG, like mowers, brush cutters, blowers and chainsaws, AEG will be releasing two 18V outdoor power equipment tools in Quarter three, at the other end of the scale – a brushless pruning saw and FUSION secateurs.

For landscapers, gardeners and property maintenance crews, these smaller tools are designed for maximising your time and efforts, especially when you have many cuts to make in a day or a week (think small bushes and rose gardens).

And you can all understand what a pain it is to bring out a chainsaw just for a quick trimming job.

The 18V FUSION secateurs make quick cuts with a cycle time of less than a second, and the Japanese steel blades provide an extremely precise and clean cut, which helps to improve plant health. They can cut up to 30mm diameter softwood or green material and 25mm hardwood or dead material.

A front-mounted LED helps illuminate where to cut in dimly lit areas, like inside dense shrubs, and the top-mounted LED provides tool status and blade check reminders.

Tooled blade changes allow for sharpening or replacement.

The 18V brushless pruning saw is designed for one-handed use – meaning it is very convenient when up a ladder or holding the saw in one hand and removing the cut material with the other.

Its variable cutting speeds (up to 3,000 strokes per minute) can be adjusted to suit the material you are removing. The orbital cutting action is designed for making more aggressive and faster cuts.

Tool-free blade changes allow users to replace dull blades quickly and safely and a lock-out switch protects users from accidental start-ups.

The pruning saw also has a front-facing LED that makes cutting in dim areas safer and more accurate.

AEG is constantly adding to its range of OPE, so, as they say, watch this space.

In need of tools? Visit www.aegpowertools.com.au/trade-solutions.With just a few details, AEG Onsite can deliver tools direct to your site. They can even transact there too.

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