Water with your smartphone Toro’s Tempus™ DC makes irrigation easy – without mains power

Avoid creepy crawlies in the valve box and take water automation to the next level with Toro’s Tempus™ DC battery operated controller. Easy to install, program and use, it puts the power in your hands.

Just use the intuitive app to manage irrigation in areas without mains power, and enjoy full watering control from your digital device. You can even retrofit a current system and make programming adjustments without getting your hands dirty.

Powered by battery and Bluetooth technology, Tempus™ DC is much more versatile than a tap timer that only operates on a single station and is vulnerable to vandals. Because Tempus™ DC is waterproof and kept inside the valve box; you can have peace of mind that your irrigation equipment is always safe.

Choose from four independent programs, each with three start times. Available in one, two, four or six stations, it also comes with or without an LCD screen – so you have the choice to program the controller manually or via the app.

Tempus™ DC was designed with you and your customers in mind. It makes irrigation simple and convenient without compromising on quality – with the legendary Toro innovation and durability you can rely on.

Pick up a Tempus™ DC 1, 2 or 4 station controller kit from your local Toro dealer or visit torotempuscontrollers.com.au to find out more.

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