Waste Not Want Not

The ideal chipper to handle green waste

Landscapers are always looking for ideal ways to improve handling green waste material. With landfill costs increasing and limitations on burning becoming imminent, landscapers are turning to the multiple benefits that a wood chipper can bring.

Hansa, leaders in quality wood chippers promotes the logistical andfinancial implications a chipper can have on your business. The alternative use of the foliage and branches can be used for biomass purposes, pathways, decorative edgings and spread effectively around trees where it helps retain moisture and acts as a weed suppressant.

A firm favourite among landscapers, orchard owners and local bodies is Hansa’s C27 thanks to its powerful hydraulic feed system that makes it easy to process any material. Its 13” x 7” wide feed opening pulls bushy and twisted branches with forks into the machine with ease. The Hansa electronicautomatic sensor feed system takes all the hard work out of feeding this chipper.

Long time Hansa user Lance Wharton, owner of a C27, is one of the happy customers Hansa has worldwide.

“I’ve been hammering this C27 and I’m just so impressed. It’s robust and can handle all the jobs I throw at it. Usually I would have used a BC1000 but the swivel base and quietness of the machine is such a game changer that it’s getting me more work in tricky, sensitive areas.”

The 360-degree turntable on the C27 allows feeding from any direction, all while still being coupled and discharging into your tow vehicle.

Hansa continues to make significant investments into sharpening the design and manufacturing of its machines. The Hansa brand continues to evolve with over 150 dealers and 15 models of chippers to suit all needs.

For more information visit www.hansachippers.com.au

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