Wacker Neuson triple treat

Wacker Neuson has some exciting new products. National Product Manager Greg Monk talked Landscape Contractor Magazine through three of Wacker Neuson’s ground-breaking machines.

ET18 excavator

This machine from Wacker’s arsenal of landscaping weapons was the ET18 excavator.

This machine’s most intriguing feature is its Vertical Digging System that allows the cabin of the machine to tilt up to 15 degrees to either side while not impeding the 360-degree swings of the cabin. This helps with operator fatigue, gives better angles when paired with a tilt hitch, or can even reduce the need for a tilt hitch in some cases.

The ET18 also features cabin doors on both sides of the machine for ease of access, and the spacious and open cabin itself gives the operator excellent visibility. A hydraulic, telescopic travel gear has a foldable dozerblade extension and allows changing the track width for narrower spaces. That’s on a machine that’s already very compact and narrow, making it great in confined spaces.

As final mark of great design, the ET18 has two lifting lugs on the roof for crane access.

ET18 excavator
• Hydraulic, proportional joystick operation allows precision work
• High-performance drive system has maximum power available at every point of operation. Up to 30 per cent higher power
• Hydraulic telescopic travel gear with dozer blade extension with a maximum outer width of 1300mm. Can be retracted 990mm
• VDS Vertical Digging System compensates for slopes of up to 15 degrees, making it possible to vertically excavate on a slope
• Up to 25 per cent material and time savings when excavating and filling
• Same swing power over 360 degrees allows fatigue-free work with the seat position remaining the same
• A second cabin door for entry and exit on both sides
• The cabin can be optionally equipped with a second driver’s door.

DT10 Dumper

First up was Wacker Neuson’s DT10 Dumper.

This little beast features a hydrostatic drive system that allows for much easier and more convenient use. and saves the operator the hassle of changing gears while trying to operate the hydraulics. The hydraulics on the DT10 can be operated independently of the drive system.

Greg also highlighted the impressive 180-degree swivel skip and very high dump angle.

“It allows you to exit material very quickly,” he pointed out, also explaining the DT10 is a stick-steer dumper.

The machine features a foldable operator’s platform, giving the option of walking behind the machine or standing on board, and ease of maintenance and service are obvious highlights. A lockable engine bay has a quick-opening door located at the rear of the machine, making engine and air-filter access a breeze, and engine oil and hydraulic oil access points next to each other on the top, making maintenance extremely fast and efficient.

The machine also has a very narrow profile, and this, paired with its on-the-spot turning ability, means it can fit even the tightest and narrowest landscaping sites, and a one-tonne capacity is very impressive for a dumper with such a small outline.

The DT10 is customisable, and a selfloading shovel can be added to avoid the inconvenience of needing a second machine to get the job done.

DT10 Dumper
• Hydrostatic drive: simply start and go: No frequent gear changing is needed and the operator can focus on the task
• The hydraulic drive system and the working hydraulics can be operated independently
• Compact dimensions are ideally suited for working in confined spaces
• Suspension-mounted rollers provide a smooth and safe operating experience. Rollers adapt to the terrain and compensate for obstacles or unevenness. Optimum driving comfort, even off-road.
• Powerful and lightweight 13hp diesel engine.

The DT10 bucket can be unloaded very quickly.
APU3050e reversible vibratory plate with battery drive

“We’re here today introducing the world’s first forward and backward, batteryoperated vibrating plate,” Greg announced as he proudly displayed the Wacker Neuson APU3050e Vibrating Plate.

Being electric means the APU3050e has zero emissions and can be used without restriction in trenches, tunnels and interior spaces. The increased applications for a quiet, zero-emissions machine are staggering. It’s a healthier and safer machine for operators and other crew members.

The vibratory plate doesn’t come with a V-belt due to the motor being mounted directly on the plate, so there’s no maintenance required. The savings on both operator time and spare parts is considerable.

The plate is designed with an extremely low height and an integrated wheel set to make it extremely portable. Convenience of access to tight trenches and spaces gives the operator and machine a high level of versatility. It also features an intuitive guide bar with adjustable speed. Just push the bar forward and the plate goes with it. Pull it back and the plate reverses.

The Wacker Neuson Battery One system powers the APU3050e, a platform compatible with all other Wacker Neuson electric products.

APU3050e reversible vibratory plate with battery drive
• 30kN • Maintenance-free and efficient direct rive
• Push-button start, even at low temperatures or at altitudes
• No exhaust emissions. Can be used safely in confined spaces
• Direct drive – no V-belt
• Lowest overall height
• Intuitive guide bar with continuously adjustable speed • Infinitely adjustable speed.

Being electric, Wacker Neuson’s APU3050e has zero emissions and can
be used without restriction in trenches, tunnels and interior spaces.

To view the full range of Wacker Neuson products or find your nearest dealer, visit wackerneuson.com. 

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