Wacker Neuson Telehandler TH412

Landscapers often face considerable challenges when moving material on site, from large chunks of sandstone to tonnes of pavers, palettes of grass, or even cement. When space is non-existent and manoeuvrability, impressive reach and lifting power are all exactly what the doctor ordered, the Wacker Neuson TH412 Telehandler will not only tick all the boxes, it will impress in several other scenarios that the day’s challenges hasn’t even unfolded yet. The TH412 is a real problem solver.

Most landscapers will have spent many hours, days, weeks and months in machinery like skid steers, wheeled loaders and excavators, so the concept of operating a telehandler may seem a little foreign. For Kelly Burton – from Kelly Burton Landscapes who put the Wacker Neuson TH412 through its paces for us here at LCM – it had been close to a decade since he had spent any time in a telehandler.

This scenario made Kelly the perfect choice to see first-hand how easy the machine was to operate.

“I must admit I was a little unsure exactly what to expect, but after 10-15 minutes behind the wheel it all clicked. Essentially, it’s like driving a car, and when it comes to the telescopic arm, the functions and controls can be set up to operate either like a forklift (vertical lift system) or more like an excavator. The obvious difference of course is the 4.5m telescopic reach, which for a landscaper needing to move tonnes of various materials over a project is worth its weight in gold,” said Kelly.

  • Powerful and economical Yanmar Diesel engine
  • Optimum channelling of the engine cooling air
  • All-wheel steering
  • Narrow turning circle
  • Stop position synchronisation
  • Low-maintenance disc brake
  • Robust tool holder
  • Good visibility from outside
  • 3rd control circuit as standard
  • Versatile attachments
  • Various quick couplers (optional)
  • Robust kinematics and wide pivoting angle for the attachment

As Kelly climbed into the wide door opening and settled into the higher seat position combined perfectly with  the  low set telescopic arm and engine bay provided spectacular visibility all around the machine.

Wacker Neuson’s dealer Jackson’s Business Manager, Ben Jackson, joined us for the test drive. Ben shared, “Safety and visibility are great features of the TH412.

The low set telescopic arm, which sits to  the right of the operator without restricting any visibility, and low placed engine bonnet, which slopes down to the right, plus a high seated position means you can achieve an uninterrupted 360-degree view around the machine. The mirrors are also well placed and a great size. This impressive visibility, combined with great stability, ROPS/FOPS, 4.5m lifting height at bucket pivot  point, and 1.2 tonne payload make the TH412 an appealing solution for landscapers.”

Watching Kelly scoop solid buckets of mulch and then tip with precision at height, I saw the benefits of distributing this type of material on tricky worksites, and with ease going over the top of hedges, trenches, walls and other items that could easily add hours to a specific task.

Swapping the bucket for the forks was when we really got a taste of the power behind the TH412. The machine is rated to 1.2-tonne load carrying capacity, which tested to the max.

“Onsight up at Active Tree Services were some solid tree sections. I didn’t think we were going to be within the capabilities of the machine, so when I positioned the forks in and under the logs, lifted them up and drove around to the drop off area.

I was more than impressed with the muscle and power of the TH412,” said Kelly.

At the heart of the TH412 sits a powerful and economical Yanmar Diesel engine producing 22.6kW of power. Ground level maintenance and servicing of the transversely mounted engine, along with  a removable engine bonnet, makes it easy to work on with simple and time-saving machine maintenance.

When chatting with Ben about why his customers who have bought a telehandler have never turned back. He shared, “My customers love the flexibility and options a machine like the Wacker Neuson TH412 provides. The large wheels are great in wet and muddy conditions and the manoeuvrability (821mm inside turning radius), reach (4.5m) and lifting capacity (1.2 tonne) simply can’t be matched by an excavator. Ease of use, high flow, single action hydraulics, and Weidemann SWP quick coupler combine to make it an extremely versatile and well-equipped machine. Along with the durability of German-made Wacker Neuson products, this machine will not disappoint.”

When you consider the challenges overcome when using the Wacker Neuson Telehandler TH412, due to its lifting height/ strength, lean width and manoeuvrability, the machine has not only impressive applications in the landscaping industry, but also a great option for councils, factories, building yards and construction sites around Australia.

Wacker Neuson’s TH412 telehandler is also covered by the best heavy industry warranty of 5 years.

  • Vertical Lift System (vls)
  • Simplifies working thanks to semi-automated telescoping movement
  • Very stable thanks to almost vertical lifting and lowering movements
  • Robust armrest
  • Hydraulic three-point support KAT1 (optional)
  • Hydraulically driven 10 kW PTO shaft with 540 rpm (optional)
  • Multi-function joystick with selection of driving direction, telescopic function
  • Comfort seat
  • Optimum all-round visibility
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