Wacker Neuson SM325-27W Mini Loader

When it comes to the power and performance of the SM325-27W – exclusively designed for Wacker Neuson by Dingo Australia – you will quickly realise it’s all about the pressure and flow to the wheels and your attachment in specific amounts needed for any given task.

On board are dual pumps and flow divider ready to deliver ultimate performance for any task. This wheeled mini loader is prepared to up the ante when you require it. The diesel Yanmar engine produces an impressive 27hp along with excellent fuel economy and low running costs, which means the SM325-27W will power through whatever you can throw at it and then some. Reliability, durability and performance are equally matched on this Wacker Neuson workhorse.

The Most Robust Chassis on the Market

Looking at the material and build quality, it’s no surprise it has the most robust chassis on the market. You can see it’s no toy, which makes it a perfect choice for landscapers and hire companies.

Balance and stability are essential when it comes to mini loaders. During our testing, operator Kelly Burton from KBL Landscapes showed us exactly what this powerful machine is capable of, lifting and moving substantial logs and sections of massive tree trunks and root systems, which must have been close to the machine’s limits.

Flow Divider And Dual Pump

It was the level of control and precision with the flow divider and dual pump selection that allowed Kelly to dial the machine into his needs and put the power exactly where he needed it. Kelly shared, “Being able to split the infinite proportional control of flow without restriction is a great feature. When you combine this with the two-pump hydraulic system you maintain full power of the machine and attachment without robbing power from either.”

Another standout feature is the all-wheel drive system with four specifically designed and manufactured drive motors, which means there is no chain to the front wheels. The front-drive motors are also built into the drive unit, which reduces wear as well as protecting the motors.

Test Time

We attached both the 4 in 1 bucket and trencher, which did a great job in the ground at our test site. The strength in loading (1835mm lift – lifts into utes and most trucks, tips over fences) and using the 4 in 1 to grab and move tree roots and solid sections of the material was impressive. Kelly mentioned, “I was really impressed with the lifting height and load capabilities of this machine. Thanks to the high flow auxiliary hydraulics a few of the sections of the trees I grabbed and moved were awkward to grab and heavy, but the Wacker Neuson Dingo managed both extremely well. In its more common tasks like moving mulch and recycling, it equally excelled with its mix of speed and power. The speed of swapping over attachments was also impressive with the included quick couplers. It was taking no more than 30-60 seconds to make the change.”

Power and speed have been addressed but not at the expense of the controls, with soft touch controls included to minimise fatigue while providing accurate control.

A low centre of gravity on any loader is important to help increase traction while improving machine stability. Water-filled tyres also help in this department and operators will like the safer 180° access with no risk of being trapped from behind.

The Wrap-Up

The Wacker Neuson SM325-27W has some impressive features to make sure you get the most out of this mini loader. A feature we haven’t yet touched on was the tough yellow powder-coated finish, rupture-resistant fuel tank full vented cap with true-fill opening for easier refuelling. Lastly, the large hydraulic oil reservoir means more oil delivering better operation and better function, producing a faster job with longer machine life – assets that will please operator/owners.

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