Wacker Neuson Mini Loader by Dingo Australia

The Wacker Neuson Mini Loader was, born, bred and developed in Dalby, Queensland by Dingo Australia.

In March 2020 Wacker Neuson became the exclusive distributor of Dingo mini loaders. Both companies have been supplying landscape contractors in Australia for a combined 100 plus years and their experience in the market is second to none when considering machinery for every landscape project.

Made in Australia means they are manufactured to suit our harsh conditions and environment. For over 30 years Dingo have been building mini loaders to suit the harsh Australian environment and conditions that landscape contractors are well aware of and accustomed too. This is an important fact that is often forgotten when someone is considering purchasing equipment. The range of mini loaders available from Wacker Neuson is 4 wheeled units along with 4 track units; these include diesel and petrol engine options.

Landscape contractors expect their mini loaders to do more than just shift, lift and load material on their job site. This expectation demands that their mini loader has the hydraulic power to run a range of attachments such as post hole drives, trenchers, sweeper buckets to name a few. Superior hydraulics is the back bone of the Wacker Neuson mini loader.

Their hydraulic horsepower (Hp) is class leading and designed to not only run the attachment but really power the attachment. This helps ensure the landscape contractor’s construction project is finished on time and profitable.

Unique to the Wacker Neuson mini loader by Dingo is the flow divider hydraulic system. The flow divider allows the operator to select the perfect hydraulic power and performance for the attachment being used whilst keeping power at the wheels or tracks.

Wacker Neuson has an extensive new machine sales and servicing dealer network around Australia.

For further information on the range of mini loaders contact your nearest Wacker Neuson Mini Loader by Dingo Australia dealer.

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