Wacker Neuson Emission-Free Compaction

At Bauma, Wacker Neuson has extended the options for emission-free compaction: the battery-powered rammer AS60e and the battery-powered plate AP2560e are new in the product range.

The prototype of a portable high frequency internal vibrator system celebrates an absolute world premiere, where the battery has been integrated into a backpack. Thus, three vibratory rammers, three vibratory plates and the internal vibrators are now operated with one lithium ion rechargeable battery, which can be used modularly in all devices.

No matter whether asphalt compaction, soil compaction in trench construction, for vibrating paving stones or even consolidation of concrete with internal vibrators – thanks to the flexible concept of a powerful rechargeable battery, end users from civil engineering and road and highway construction, gardening and landscaping, municipalities or concrete specialists in building construction can now use a wide range of solutions by Wacker Neuson for emission-free compaction without major interruptions.

“After launching the first vibratory rammer in the market almost 90 years ago, we are now heralding the start of a new era in compaction with the current generation of battery-powered rammers. We have succeeded in combining new technology with time-tested and proven quality and making work much more comfortable for the end user,” says Stefan Pfetsch, managing director, Wacker Neuson Produktion GmbH.

The basis is a very contemporary lithium ion battery specially designed for heavy-duty construction work and providing enough power for all the work an average workday requires on a single machine. The rechargeable battery – now forms the heart of seven devices and can be replaced in no time; thus, the operator can replace the discharged battery with a charged one within a few seconds. Whether internal vibrators IEe, vibratory plates AP2560e, AP1840e or AP1850e as well as the battery-powered rammers AS30e, AS50e and AS60e – thanks to the modular system with rechargeable battery, they are all ready for use at any time.

ACBe / IEe: Concrete Consolidation With Carrying Comfort

Hikers or mountain travellers will appreciate the quality of a good backpack. Together with a leading backpack manufacturer, Wacker Neuson has developed an ergonomic and back-friendly carrying system for the battery of a portable zero emission internal vibrator with electric motor for end users in building construction. In this way, independent and wireless working is possible. There are no tripping hazards caused by cable connections between external converter as well as power distributor and internal vibrator. There is also no need to relocate the converter when the site of application is changed. The internal vibrator with battery-carrying backpack shall be available for market launch by summer 2019 in two standard hose lengths (1.5m and 3m) and with vibrator heads in three different diameters (38mm, 45mm and 58mm).

Battery-Powered Rammer AS60e Complements Rammer Duo With Electric Motor

For applications in trenches, inside buildings and in noise-reduced zones, the range of vibratory rammers has been extended by the AS60e to in all three vibratory rammers with electric motors. The smaller AS30e model is a special rammer for compacting pipe spandrels, while the larger vibratory rammer AS50e and the new AS60e are used for all classic ramming jobs. The compaction performance corresponds to the gasoline vibratory rammers of the same size class. Because of the zero emissions, strict requirements, for example, for urban construction areas or working in trenches, are not an issue. An additional advantage is the low operating cost – around 55 per cent of energy costs can also be saved by operating with electricity instead of gasoline. In addition, the engine is completely maintenance-free and all the typical maintenance costs of conventional vibratory rammers, for example on the carburettor, are not incurred by the battery rammer.

Battery-Powered Plate 2560e

After Wacker Neuson extended the zero emission range in the year 2018 with the single direction battery-powered vibratory plate AP1850e, the AP1840e and AP2560e models now follow with operating widths of 400mm and 600mm. While the AP2560e is the specialist for vibrating interlocking paving stones, both can be used for classic compaction work on granular soils. In addition, they also facilitate work indoors and in other emission-sensitive areas, such as in trenches, sheeting and bracings. The battery-powered vibratory plates are also suitable for applications in environmentally sensitive water protection areas where combustion engines cannot be used.

Fit For The Future

Electric drives are becoming increasingly important in the construction industry.

With its zero emission range, Wacker Neuson offers a comprehensive range of electrically powered machines and equipment for zero emission operation on an entire construction site, including wheel loaders, track dumpers, wheel dumpers and mini excavators.

More information can be found at www.wackerneuson.com/zeroemission

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