Venieri 7.63C Wheel loader Test drive review

In the world of heavy machinery for landscaping and material handling, the Italians have built up a well-earned reputation through their design and quality manufacturing – and the Venieri brand of wheel loaders is no exception. As a new brand to the Australian market, this product has been tried and tested with great success in the Northern Hemisphere for more than 70 years.

The products on offer in Australia today, which are being distributed by Tutt Bryant with their impressive heritage as a manufacture, include the Venieri 7.63C (compact) Wheel Loader and the 9.63C (compact) Wheel Loader. The 7.63C is the model we will take a good look at for this LCM test.

Venieri has made significant developments in these two machines that directly translate into extra stability, comfort and control, as well as upgrading features in the cooling system to make them perfect for Australian conditions. An oscillating rear axle, which has been fixed to the frame with maintenance-free supports, is a big part of this development. This means the wheels on either end of the rear axle can independently go over uneven ground without rocking the cab left to right like it would in a traditional axle.

Looking at the front of the machine, a newly designed kinematic linkage andZ bar is offering state-of-the-art breakout force, which when combined with the two-gear pump hydraulic system and Deutz TCD 3.6 L4 turbocharged intercooled diesel engine, make for an all-round impressively powerful and efficient machine.

To give credit where credit is due, the new Deutz TCD 3.6 L4 diesel engine was awarded the best engine in its class. This impressive performance has also been paired with allimportant reliability and durability – all made possible by implementing the most advanced technology available. This technology includes electronically controlled common rail injection and a turbocharger with intercooler and wastegate valve. Not to quit right when things are getting interesting, a variable speed automatic fan, along with other items were all added to achieve the best possible engine performance, which is all managed entirely electronically to avoid unnecessary and unproductive fuel consumption.

The turning circle of the compact machine is impressive for tight worksites and environments where space is at a premium. The servo-assisted steering load sensing system is another feature that seamlessly adds to the overall experience of this machine, and the ride control feature significantly reduces split loads from the bucket when on the move.

• Low in-cab noise of 70 DB
• 4K linkage
• Negative parking brake
• 360-degree visibility
• Brand new ventilation system
• Total stability
• New Deutz Tier 4i/Stage engine
• Two-stage filtration
• Dual electronically controlled speed cooling fan
• Built for power, designed for agility

To help with our machine test we enlisted the help of landscape specialist Kelly Burton from KBL Landscapes. Kelly has been creating stunning landscapes in private homes, commercial spaces, golf courses and more extensive projects for over 25 years, and in that time has operated pretty much every type and make of machine possible relevant to his industry.

After letting Kelly spend a day in the Venieri on site, his experience spoke volumes to the usability of this machine. Kelly shared, “The best place for me to start is the ease and usability of operating this machine. I felt comfortable from the moment I sat down in the Grammer suspension seat. Firstly, being comfortable in the seat is huge, then as I looked around at the controls, everything was located exactly where I wanted it to be. The control layout made total sense. I then looked around at the site from my driving position and I could see everything. The large glass panels gave me 360-degree views around the entire machine.”

Kelly continued, “A reversing camera provided a great angle to see everything behind me, which along with the great open view gave me confidence in manoeuvring freely around the site with complete safety. When it was time to get to work, again, the great sitting position gave me excellent views down onto the bucket, which meant I could correctly position the bucket angle perfectly without any guesswork from the get-go. Again, this view significantly added to the overall ease and productivity of operating this machine.”

Quite often machines designed for northern hemisphere use can struggle in our very demanding hot Australian environments and conditions. However, the team at Venieri has ensured these loaders have been built to perform consistently with new two-stage filtration, which are providing ample protection to the engine. A new electronically controlled dual-speed cooling fan adjusts the rotation speed according to working conditions, which has a positive effect of reducing fuel consumption and noise.

At the rear of the loader sits the counterweight with a unique design to provide optimum manoeuvrability and drive angle, along with adding protection to the rear light system. This loader can literally turn on a dime!

Comfort in the cabin isn’t just about ride quality, reduced noise also plays a massive role in keeping operator minds on the task at hand, and by introducing sound-absorbing materials and special anti-vibration rubber shocks, the noise in the cabin has been radically reduced at only 70 DB. The result: a cabin providing optimum comfort and significantly reduced distractions.

There are plenty of other features on board that we haven’t had space to go into detail about, like the negative parking brake that has been integrated into the front axle for optimum safety, which is also activated by a switch as opposed to a lever. Another great feature worth quickly mentioningis the hydrostatic transmission with hi-low range allowing a top speed of 40kmph.

The Venieri 7.63C truly shines when you look at the main tasks it was designed for, like moving material and loading trucks and other equipment. With its maximum bucket loading height of 3.7m, truck and dog is going to be a breeze.

Having another quality option in the landscape market for business operators in Australia is exciting. With the Venieri’s universal attachment and hydraulics, those with existing buckets and attachments will appreciate the added flexibility this machine offers.

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