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Hillside Tractors Australia have been operating from the Glasshouse Mountains in Queensland since 2004. Distributing only quality equipment, they specialise in hillside and orchard machinery.

Hillside Tractors are also the creators of the Agilator 4 in 1 Rear Mount bucket and Scrub Claw.

Mark has been in the machinery industry for over 30 years, giving him plenty of experience understanding customer needs and creating solutions specific for the industry.

By far the most popular package at HTA is the AGT Tractor with the Scrub Claw and Agilator bucket. This combination is ideal for lantana removal and management, regeneration and landscaping.

Demonstration of how effective this equipment is can be viewed on all their website videos.


Mark designed the Scrub Claw as a practical and efficient solution to the ongoing request for our customers to be able to efficiently and effectively clear and manage their lantana and other brambly bush, including wild blackberry, tobacco tree, privet, etc.

Essentially the Scrub Claw consists of hydraulically operated claw mounted to an INO mulcher (Flail Mower) that lifts up, allowing it to reach into the lantana, drag it out and then mulch over the top to create a fine, even mulch over the area.

The claw also allows for you to move through long grass, and will also raise to alert you that a large obstacle might be present, saving your blades and rotor from potential damage.

The Scrub Claw (patented) is currently manufactured in Slovenia, Europe by INO, and only available in Australia through HTA. The Scrub Claw combines perfectly with the AGT 850 or 860 Tractor. These 50 and 60hp tractors have become very popular for a variety of reasons, and are the number 1 seller at HTA.

The list of features that set this tractor apart from many others is very long!

The design principal of hillside tractors is very different to that of conventional tractors.

Typically, they are very compact, have four equal wheels, lower profile, and have the engine hanging further over the steer axle. This creates for a naturally balanced machine when adding an implement to the rear of the tractor.


The AGT comes standard with a reversible console, rotating in less than 30 seconds – no more looking behind you to check on the implements, that is, no more sore necks!

A reversible console is perfect for the Agilator rear mount bucket or mulcher, allowing you to see exactly what’s in front of you at all times.

The AGT is a tractor boasting exceptional quality that has proved itself both reliable and versatile in a variety of applications. It is an all mechanical, simple tractor, yet packed with features that come standard. The AGT has more hydraulic functions than any other tractor in its size and horsepower range. It comes standard with seven control valves, including double action cylinders for the linkage control, hydraulic levelling cylinder with check valve and adjustable flow restrictors, flow restrictors for linkage drop rate, self-releasing couplings and a hydraulic top link. Down pressure on the linkage is also a standard feature and is particularly beneficial when operating at the Agilator 4 in 1 rear mount bucket, ripper tynes and post hole diggers. It also makes it easier when disconnecting the quick hitch.

All of these functions allow for a versatile and practical machine.

Load Share and suspension also come standard on the AGT 850 and 860 Tractor range. In short, this allows the transfer of weight from the implement onto the rear axle of the tractor itself.


This makes a significant difference to how the tractor performs – with load share on the turning circle improves, and also keeps the grass intact. And it is particularly helpful on steep slopes.

In Mark’s words, “The more I use it, the more I love it.” For further explanation and demonstration of the AGT, Scrub Claw and Agilator Rear Mount bucket, check out

HTA are also national distributors of European made BM Tractors (130hp – 180hp), Plaisance Equipment for Orchards and contracting (300hp – 800hp), Serrat Forestry mulchers and many other products.

Hillside Tractors Australia Tractors for Life.

For further explanation of all of these functions, you can check them out at 

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