Vegepods – Self Contained Raised Garden Beds

Vegepod has a nine-year history of supplying 1000s of backyard gardeners around the world with vegetable garden kits.

With no need to worry about soil issues, watering, weeds or damage from weather or pests, Vegepod provides the perfect solution for low maintenance and fail-safe gardening.

Through no productivity of our own the use of Vegepods has evolved and extended to professional landscape jobs – small and large jobs alike.

Many of our landscape garden customers have used Vegepods as a perfect solution for smaller projects; for example specific aged care residents to large use of multiple Vegepods such as entire school yards and corporate rooftops.

Michael Casey (VP Aust. Institute of Horticulture, National Councillor Therapeutic Horticulture Aust. & Director MJC Horticulture) recently incorporated 12 medium Vegepods pods into the design of a unique educational garden for the RMIT University Fashion Department.


The Vegepods were used to plant out annual crops for each teaching semester.

Due to the shading from the surrounding buildings, the Vegepod option with trolley wheels was chosen to ensure gardens could be moved during seasons of low light. The next challenge was maintenance, as the university used contracted gardeners who were not on site every day and monitoring a watering program was extremely important. The use of a wicking garden – that can reduce watering by 80 per cent provided a solution to these issues, as did the protective mesh canopy that withstands harsh weather and pests. This garden is a fantastic and vital feature for both the university and the fashion department. The idea of students learning about plants and their uses, not only for ornamental or agricultural reasons, but for their benefits in practises that were used for centuries by the same professionals.

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