UHI XU20 Mini Excavator

The team at UHI have produced an impressive all-round performer with their XU20 Mini Excavator (1890kg – 1960kg operating weight). This machine will suit the needs and requirements of a wide range of tradies, landscapers and even farmers requiring solid performance and build quality in an affordable package.

When it comes to build quality and features this mini excavator is not lacking in either department. The XU20 is custom made by a top brand manufacturer and is sporting an 11.8kw Kubota Engine, Rexroth main pump, and Eaton Swing and Travel Motor. The genuine Kubota engine has been very well matched to the hydraulic system to produce a powerful and fuel saving combination.

Access into tight work areas was high on the list of features, with the XU20 with an expandable Track (990mm to 1245mm) Zero Tail design and short slewing radius providing flexible operation in confined spaces.

Operating weight 1890kg – 1960kg
Bucket width 300mm/450mm/900mm
Kubota engine11.8kw
Rexroth main pump
Eaton Swing and Travel Motor
4 year/4000 hour warranty

Safety and performance
From a safety perspective the ROPs and OPg certified canopy can effectively provide protection from falling debris or accidental rollovers. Other features include a new colour LCD monitor compliant with ergonomics requirements, which provide more automatic control functions and visual information.

The left and right boom swing angle is respectively 60 degrees and 50 degrees allowing it to achieve complex operations. Lastly, the built-in pipelines and wiring harness give more efficient protection to improve service life. In fact, the 4 year/4000 hour warranty set up with the UHI is impressive, also with any mechanic being able to undertake servicing requirements and provided these services have been properly documented, the full warranty remains valid and in place.

Having a front blade allows for easy and quick clean-up of material to be pushed into place with basic dozer-like operation making this mini excavator even more versatile and well-rounded in features and specs.

Kelly Burton puts the XU20 to the test To put the XU20 through its paces we enlisted the help of talented landscaper Kelly Burton from KBL Landscapes. Kelly regularly works with his team on high profile residential and commercial jobs in and around the Greater Sydney region. Often working up and down the NSW coast for a range of clients.

Chatting with Kelly about his experience and feedback on the XU20 he shared, “This is the type of machine that is going to suit a wide range of operator needs, from landscapers like myself to a wide range of tradies looking to reduce manual labour and save time on construction sites. I can even see this machine being perfect for farmers or hobby farmers needing machines that can run with attachments like augers, rippers and various sized buckets making it perfect for pits, fencing and trenches. I loved the smoothness of the machine, even for me jumping onto the machine for the first time today it was easy to operate with plenty of power. Features that all operators will enjoy and appreciate.”

Kelly continued, “This really is a great little machine. It’s got plenty of power for its size, and it’s stable and solid. We did only have the small bucket today for our testing so we were a little bit limited in what we could do, but I can see plumbers and other tradies really loving this machine. If I took this machine home today, I’d be using it every day for loading out, back blading, setting profiles on jobs, cut outs etc. I could see the XU20 being a valuable addition to many outfits. People often make the mistake of thinking machines like this one don’t perform up to the same levels of the bigger name brands, but this XU20 has gone above and beyond my expectations. I think it would more than mix it up well with other top brands of this size.”

The wrap-up
The versatility of the XU20 makes this a great allrounder. The reduced track width is only 990, which extends out to 1245. This will make it popular in tight spaces where larger machines won’t be able to access. The Kubota D902 engine and hydraulic system combine to produce plenty of power and pressure to run a wide range of attachments that operators will love. With a maximum digging depth of 2290 and maximum digging height of 2415, this mini excavator has the spec’s to make it perfect for a wide range of tasks and operators.

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