UHI Machinery: Top-notch product portfolio leads to local growth

Small machinery specialist UHI Machinery continues to make big strides in the local market, with its ever-evolving portfolio of top-of-the-line mini excavators, skid steer loaders, wheel loaders and mini loaders decked out to get the job done across a broad range of commercial landscaping, agricultural and construction projects.

UHI has grown at pace across Australia during the last few years courtesy of its unique product offering, with its machine range both manufactured by top-tier manufacturers and incorporating a powerhouse selection of premium components, ultimately delivering a comparable quality to big-name brands.

This means the UHI product portfolio is primed to get the job done in local conditions, and it is this enduring quality that has seen UHI machines sell in their thousands worldwide, with international customers tapping into their combined productivity, efficiency and durability benefits.

On the back of its ongoing growth, UHI has been expanding around the country, with it maintaining dealerships in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Townsville, providing both in-store pick-up and nationwide delivery.

LG820 and LG825 wheel loaders
UHI’s LG820 and LG825 wheel loaders are robust, resilient and reliable units, with each machine respectively sporting the power and performance required to tackle a variety of projects, including farming and construction works, and recycling jobs.

This provides operators peace of mind when it comes to undertaking a range of tasks day in and day out, and from one project to the next, knowing that both the LG820 and LG825 will muscle on through when required.

In addition to this, both machines are as solid as they look, featuring a high-strength welded frame structure that has been built to last.

US40K and US50K skid steer loaders
Manufactured by the world’s third largest earthmoving equipment manufacturer, the US40K and US50K skid steer loaders are powerful, productive and efficient machines, ready to prove their worth when the going gets tough across agricultural, farming, nursery and construction commercial projects.

Both machines sport a substantial rated load capacity, paving the way for operations across a range of applications, with the US50K the larger of the two, making it a solid option for projects where a bit more bulk is required.

The US40K and US50K respectively run Xinchai and Yanmar engines, providing operators plenty of grunt to play with.

UWL807 and U30 mini loaders
UHI’s UWL807 and U30 mini loaders have what it takes when it comes to getting the job done efficiently and effectively across a range of applications, be it carrying out operations at a fruit farm, or taking on various farm and construction jobs.

The UWL807 sports an articulated design, enabling additional manoeuvrability and versatility on job sites, while its Perkins engine ensures it can power on through in tackling a diverse range of conditions.

Meanwhile, the U30, which runs a Honda engine, thrives in narrow spaces, making it a useful option to have at the ready when undertaking landscaping work.

Supportive customer service: From sales through to after-sales
UHI provides 3-4 year warranties for the majority of its machines, delivering customers additional peace of mind.

In this respect, UHI recognises the importance of providing efficient and responsive customer service, from the initial sales process and the purchase of machinery, through to after-sales support, ensuring customers continue to get value from their equipment.

In addition to this, UHI offers a number of finance options, designed to help customers quickly get equipment up and running on job sites.

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