UHI Machinery: Premium product portfolio gets the job done in local conditions

It’s been a busy few years for small machinery specialist UHI Machinery, which has carved out a nationwide reputation for providing its customers an ever-evolving range of options via its top-quality product portfolio, comprising machines decked out to efficiently and effectively get the job done in all commercial scenarios.

UHI has branches in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and Townsville, having grown rapidly due to its unique product offering, with a machinery range manufactured by top-tier manufacturers, featuring a dynamic selection of premium components.

The UHI portfolio includes top-of-the-line mini excavators, skid steer loaders, wheel loaders and mini loaders, designed with the express purpose of tackling a broad range of commercial landscaping, agricultural and construction projects.

Underpinned by a robust and high-quality machine construction, the UHI portfolio is well suited to getting the job done in local conditions, with it also notable that UHI machines have sold in their thousands in markets around the word.

A top-notch range of mini excavators, skid steer loaders, wheel loaders and mini loaders
UHI’s mini excavator line-up ranges from 1 tonne to 2.8 tonne, effectively catering for a variety of professional applications, providing operators muscle and versatility in equal measures.

In addition to this, UHI is poised to add larger excavators to its portfolio, and to also introduce equipment including forklifts, rough terrain forklifts, electric loaders and tractors.

XU20 ZERO TAIL mini excavator
Among UHI’s mini excavator range, a recent addition to its line-up is the top-of-the-line XU20 ZERO TAIL mini excavator, which packs significant power and is well suited to tackling a range of demanding applications.

Running a Kubota engine, the XU20 is a handy unit to have on hand for semicommercial and commercial earthmoving operations, with operators able to tap into a range of productivity and efficiency benefits.

US40K and US50K skid steer loaders
The US40K and US50K skid steer loaders are powerful and productive units which provide operators flexibility in undertaking a wide variety of tasks, and which come in handy across agricultural, farming, nursery and construction commercial projects.

The US40K sports a substantial rated load capacity, and is capable of powering on through when the going gets tough across a range of conditions, while the US50K is a convenient option where a bit more bulk is required.

LG820 and LG825 wheel loaders
The robust and reliable LG820 and LG825 wheel loaders have been built to last, sporting the power required to tackle a variety of projects, including farming and construction works, and recycling jobs.

Both machines feature a high-strength welded frame, and have been designed to muscle on through in undertaking a range of tasks day in and day out, and from one project to the next.

In addition to this, the UHI line-up also includes a number of smaller and larger wheel loaders.

UHI places a priority on ongoing customer support
UHI is focused on providing supportive customer service, from sales through to after-sales, while it also offers several finance options, designed to help customers quickly get equipment up and running in the field.

Underpinning its strong focus on customer service, UHI is also aiming to open additional branches around the country in the near future, while continuing to add to its product line-up.

With its network of branches covering major national metropolitan and rural areas, UHI provides both in-store pick-up and nationwide delivery.

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