UHI excavators

10HP, swing boom, nine attachments $11,990

Engine Koop192
Rated power 10hp/7.6kW/3000rpm
Maximum torque 25Nm/2860rpm
Maximum grade ability 30°
Travel speed 1.3kph
Wheelbase 910mm
Track width 180mm
Overall height 2295mm

UME 12
16HP, swing boom, expandable track, nine attachments: $19,990

Operating weight:1200kg
Digging bucket capacity 0.03m³
Fuel capacity 11 litres diesel
Engine Kubota D902
Rated power 16hp/11.8kW/2300rpm
Displacement 0.898 litre
Flow rate 18.4L/min

16HP, joystick control, swing boom, eight attachments: $21,990

Engine Kubota D902
Rated power 16hp/11.8kW/2300rpm
Maximum torque 51.9Nm/1800rpm
Maximum grade ability 30°
Travel speed 2.0kph
Wheelbase 1123mm
Track width 230mm
Overall height 2320mm

UME 28 20HP
Swing boom, eight attachments: $39,990

Operating weight 2640kg
Digging bucket capacity 0.05m³
Bucket width 500mm
Track width 250mm
Engine Yanmar 3TNV80-SPSY2
Rated power 20hp/14.6kW
Displacement 1.267 litres
Travel speed 1.4kph to 2.7kph

UME 80
63HP, hydraulic quick hitch, steel track, optional rubber pads: $69,990

Engine Yanmar 4TNV98
Maximum torque 2443Nm/1600rpm
Maximum grade ability 35°
Operating weight 7.2T
LxWxH 5830 x 2150 x 2600
Digging bucket capacity 0.3m³
Bucket digging force 52kN

XU 20
16HP, swing boom, extendable track, five attachments: $31,000

Operating weight 1890kg-1970kg
Digging bucket capacity 0.048m³
Bucket width 900mm
Track width 230mm
Engine Kubota
Rated power 16hp/11.8kW/2200rpm
Displacement 898cc
Travel speed 2.1kph to 3.9kph

XU 1320
75kw, 12.5T operation weight, seven attachments: $145,000

75kw Deutz engine
Kawasaki pump and Toshiba valve
Free tilting hitch, hydraulic log grabber, ripper, 1200mm sieve bucket, 450mm, 600mm and 1500mm bucket
Free toolbox and filter set
Warranty: 3-year/3000-hour full warranty. First two-year/2000-hour full labour and parts warranty. Third year/1000-hour powertrain, labour and parts warranty

For the full range of UHI machinery, visit unitedheavyindustries.com.au.


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