UHI electric machinery

The change away from internal combustion engines to electric power is happening fast, not only Australia, but all around the world. And why wouldn’t it?

Opting for purely electric power significantly reduces the carbon footprint of your business’ activity. Electric motors produce zero emissions during operation, making them environmentally friendly and contributing to a cleaner and healthier planet.

Electric motors are also known for their energy efficiency, resulting in substantial operational cost savings over time. Compared to traditional combustion engines, electric motors have higher efficiency rates and lower maintenance costs, translating into reduced operating expenses.

And it’s not as if performance is compromised by going electric. Electric motors provide instant torque, ensuring quick and precise operations, whether it’s in manufacturing, transportation, or any other industry. With their smooth and reliable power delivery, electric motors can boost productivity and streamline processes. They’re also incredibly versatile and adaptable. Whether for industrial processes, construction equipment, or even transportation vehicles, electric motors can be customised to suit specific needs, offering a wide range of power options and configurations.

Noise reduction is a huge benefit in the use of electric motors. They operate quietly compared to their combustion-engine counterparts, creating a more comfortable working environment for employees and minimising noise pollution in urban areas, particularly during nighttime operations.

And finally, as governments around the world tighten regulations on emissions and pollution, transitioning to pure electric machinery ensures compliance with these evolving standards. By staying ahead of the curve you can avoid potential penalties and reputation damage while demonstrating your commitment to sustainability. UHI has embraced electric power and the cleaner more efficient it will offer.

 Check out some of the electric powered equipment available and see the entire range at unitedheavyindustries.com.au. 

U50 electric wheel loader

Bucket width: 900mm
Wheelbase: 1387mm
Minimum ground clearance: 300mm
Net weight: 1000kg
Rated load: 500kg
Dumping height at 45 degrees: 1350mm
Bucket rated capacity: 0.2m3
Battery capacity: 150Ah

EU100 electric loader

Overall dimensions (LxWxH): 3672mm x 1270mm x 2380mm
Bucket width: 1200mm
Wheelbase: 960mm
Minimum ground clearance: 210mm
Net weight: 2150kg
Rated load: 1000kg
Dumping height: 3120mm
Maximum breakout force: 13kN Maximum turning radius: 2466mm


CPD25 2.5T lithium battery forklift

Power type: Lithium battery
Load capacity: 2500kg
Lift height: 4800mm Fork dimension: 1070mm x 122mm x 40mm
Mast tilting angle: Six degrees/12 degrees
Minimum turn radius: 2070mm
Ground clearance: 115mm
Overhead guard height: 2170mm


CPD35 2.5T

Power type: Lithium battery
Load capacity: 3500kg
Lift height: 6000mm
Fork dimension: 1070mm x 125mm x 50mm
Mast tilting angle: Six degrees/12 degrees
Minimum turn radius: 2215mm
Ground clearance: 130mm
Overhead guard height: 2180mm


CPD16 1.6T lithium battery forklift

Power type: Lithium battery
Load capacity: 1600kg
Lift height: 4800mm
Fork dimension: 920mm x 100mm x 30mm
Mast tilting angle: Six degrees/12 degrees
Minimum turn radius: 1545mm Ground clearance: 100mm Overhead guard height: 2175mm


E12 electric excavator

Operation weight: 1100kg
Bucket capacity: 0.023cbm/120kg
Bucket width: 380mm
Main pump: ZANEDA
Pump flow: 18L/minute
Battery volt/capacity: 48V/200Ah
Rated power: 4kw
Maximum power: 6kw
Working hours: Six
Charging hours: 10




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