UHI Electric loaders and excavators

UHI electric loaders and excavators like the EU50 and EU100 electric wheel loaders are designed with efficiency in mind.

Equipped with high-performance motors and advanced features like hydraulic systems and precision positioning, UHI machines are capable of handling any construction job with ease. And, unlike traditional dieselpowered machines, UHI electric loaders and excavators don’t require fuel, making them more eco-friendly and cost-effective in the long run.

Cleaner and greener

Operating an electric loader or excavator is a smooth and stress-free experience, thanks to ergonomic controls. UHI machines are equipped with advanced safety features to keep operators protected on the job site. And going green doesn’t stop at the machines themselves. UHI is dedicated to promoting sustainable construction practices and offers recycling programs and environmentally friendly disposal methods to support this effort.

Don’t get left behind in the race towards a greener future. Upgrade your fleet with UHI electric machines and start saving money and the environment. With advanced technology and innovative design, UHI machines are the future of construction equipment.

Ergonomic controls.
Increased productivity

In addition to the environmental benefits, UHI electric loaders and excavators also offer improved performance and productivity compared to traditional diesel-powered machines. The high-performance motors provide the power needed to get the job done faster, and the advanced features make it easy to operate UHI machinery with precision and accuracy. Unlike traditional diesel-powered machines, UHI electric loaders and excavators are much quieter, making them a better choice for construction sites in residential areas. This reduces noise pollution and helps to minimise disruptions to local residents. 

Small size ideal for work in limited space.
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In conclusion, the time to make the switch to electric loaders and excavators is now. Not only will you be reducing your carbon footprint and saving money on fuel costs, but you’ll also be investing in equipment that offers improved performance and productivity.

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UHI machines are the future of construction equipment.
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