Tuscan Path pebbles

Tuscan Path pebbles are designed to be used in various landscaping projects to liven up all types of outdoor areas and are ideal for ground covering applications, offering permanent coverage for a one-time application.

Pebbles have become an increasingly popular option for beautifying outdoor spaces and offer versatility in design and aesthetic appeal with their low-maintenance requirements. Another benefit of using pebbles in landscaping is their durability. Unlike mulch or wood chips, which can break down over time and require regular replacement, pebbles are long-lasting and can withstand heavy foot traffic and harsh weather conditions.

Did you know, when used in a garden bed, pebbles can act as a weed suppressor?

From pathways to driveways, borders and garden beds, Tuscan Path pebbles will complete the look of your landscaping. Enhance the visual interest in your garden by creating stylish and functional spaces and choose from a wide variety of colours, sizes and finishes there are on offer. Pebbles are available in a range of bag sizes including, 20kg, 15kg and 10kg. Tuscan Path makes aspirational landscape style affordable, with designer landscape at warehouse prices. Sold exclusively at Bunnings. Head in store to Bunnings or visit bunnings com.au.

 Visit the Tuscan Path website to calculate how much product you need and view product specific information. Go to tuscanpath.com.au. 

Instagram and Facebook: @tuscanpath 

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