TPW Back-Ease hoist 600

There are two facts of work life that are not in dispute:
1. 50% of work injuries are back related; and
2. The vast majority of these back injuries could be avoided with a materials handling device that takes the pain out of lifting.

An asset

The innovative, labour-saving TPW Back-Ease hoist 600 from Heiniger Australia is designed to lift up to 600kg and is an essential, injury preventing lifting option for all workplace material handling solutions. The unit is rapidly becoming an essential item for utilities, light trucks and service vehicles used in landscaping, green environ service and management, as well as the farming, mining and transport industries.

The unit has an extendable boom with four extension and load settings from 200kg-600kg.

At full extension it is ideal for lifting those heavy and awkward plate compactors/generators/concrete mixers and so forth on and off vehicle/truck trays on site. In addition, at short extension, it can lift smaller pallets of cement/pavers to a max lift weight of 600kg.

Safe and compact

The unit has an electric-operated hydraulic pump that can be powered by 12- or 24-volt, and a remote-control toggle switch gives the operator full control from outside the vehicle. With a manual slew of more than 200 degrees and a positive slew lock, the Back-Ease has a total weight of just 78kg.

Designed to fold efficiently into transport position, the Back-Ease has many safety features, including a hose-break check valve which prevents the load falling should a hose burst, maximum lift pressure and a safety-standard approved hook. Complying with crane safety code standard AS 1418.1, it comes with a 12-month warranty and full SOP documents.

See the hinger Back-Ease range at

Worksafe grant

Given the heightened awareness of workplace OH&S and workplace injury prevention related to lifting, the Back-Ease 600 is clearly a product any landscape and associated industry should consider. The Back-Ease 600 hoist is eligible for the NSW Worksafe grant of $1000 for small business injury prevention –

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