Toro Z Master® Revolution MyRIDE® test drive

Toro Z Master® Revolution MyRIDE® is friendly to the environment, work ready and great to drive.

Toro’s Z Master Revolution was our sole electric-powered mower for this issue, and that alone made it a big point of interest. We’re becoming fairly used to electric OPE competing fair and square with machinery powered by internal combustion engines, but the Toro mower is doing considerably better than that in some areas.

Clever design

The Toro running free of engine emissions and very quietly are obvious high points, and being able to work in noise-sensitive areas like schools and hospitals is a big plus. But there are some really excellent design and engineering features incorporated into the build of this machine as well.

The Z Master is powered by Toro’s HyperCell® Power System® which gives longer run times and makes for quick charging, and HyperCell® is built to run cooler than other power systems. Heat generation is often a trait of heavy-duty battery-powered equipment, so we thought Toro’s management of that factor an excellent positive for the Revolution.

The MyRIDE® Suspension System includes a fully suspended operator platform which allows up to 7.6cm of travel and reduces the effects of impacts, bumps and vibrations on the operator. Rear-shock ride settings can also be quickly and easily adjusted without tools, and although that’s a great feature, we found the Toro’s performance to be excellent as it was delivered, and we honestly forgot to play with those settings.

The Z Master® chassis and TURBO FORCE® deck have been in service on Toro mowers for some years and are proven performers, but now have a quieter, ecofriendlier design to deliver lower overall operational cost over the machine’s lifetime. The fabricated shell is constructed of 7-gauge. fully welded, high-strength steel with a bull-nose bumper to protect against frontal impacts.

The deck rake can also be easily adjusted to suit conditions. Increasing the deck rake helps extend the run-time of the machine by allowing more clippings to exit the rear when mulching. Decreasing rake maximises performance and delivers the highest quality of cut in most conditions.

Deck rake can be easily adjusted to suit conditions. Image: Prime Creative Media


The Z Master Revolution is available with a few different sized cutting decks, and the model we drove was set up with a 52” – or 132cm – rig. Strangely enough, our first impression was, “Look! A Toro zero-turn!”

That’s a compliment to the machine. It showed its well-respected heritage and, thereby, set the expectation of a very high standard of performance. Test driver Mat Wandmaker has a couple of Toros in his fleet, and he felt immediately comfortable when he plonked his six-foot frame behind the controls. Then he surprised us with the comment, “It’s everything you’d expect from a Toro, but jumping on the machine is a whole new world.”

It turned out Mat was referring to how quiet the Toro was.

“Getting from place to place is like driving a golf cart,” he stared around in wonder. “There’s just no noise. It blew me away.”

Engaging the blades caused the hairdryer whooshing sound common to all electric mowers, but overall the volume during operation is negligible.

And while runtime of around seven hours is impressive, none of it’s any good if the power’s not there. We asked Mat if the Toro had enough punch. “One hundred per cent!” he beamed. “It really goes,” he continued. “When I first drove it away I gave it a lungful and it really took off!”

The canopy can be dropped down for easy transport. Image: Prime Creative Media


Power delivery held good under work conditions as well. It wasn’t raining during our time with the Toro, but the ground was still well-and-truly gumboot territory – it was really wet.

The Toro performed beautifully in the adverse conditions. The cut was smooth, strong and neat, and it didn’t clog up. Bladetip speeds can be manually adjusted, but when we mercilessly pointed the machine at especially gnarly and wet areas the electronics made adjustments on the fly to ensure correct power was supplied to give maximum efficiency. It was impossible not to be impressed. Our test unit also had a canopy which could be dropped down for transport, and it was a much-appreciated addition in the inclement weather.

Mat summed up the Toro really well, we thought: “It’s quiet, has plenty of power, visibility is excellent and it’s very intuitive to use.”

The Toro Z Master® Revolution MyRIDE® is all of that, but it’s also quiet and engine emissions- free, and that’s a combination that makes for high-quality, professional lawncare equipment.

Powered by Toro’s HyperCell® Power System® giving longer run times and quick charging. Image: Prime Creative Media

Key features:

Deck size: 132cm (52 inch)
Deck material: 7-gauge TURBO FORCE® cutting deck
Battery: HyperCell® lithium ion Battery
Capacity: 23.4kWh Run time: Up to 7+ hrs*
Ground Speed: 19.3 kph Seat: MyRIDE® suspension system
Available deck sizes: 48”, 52” and 60”
*Based on controlled laboratory testing of product. Run time varies with load.

To find out more about the Z Master® Revolution MyRIDE® and see the Toro range, log on to There’s some great info there, including a microsite which includes an online total cost of ownership (TCO) calculator to help contractors calculate their operational return on investment.

Image: Toro Australia


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