Toro TITAN® HD 2000 Series

The TITAN® HD 2000 Series mower delivers on comfort, durability and performance.

This new Toro TITAN® HD 2000 Series is fitted with Toro’s MyRIDE® operator comfort system, which I have experienced on previous models but it’s the first machine I have used with their new utility mounts. comfort system, which I have experienced on previous models but it’s the first machine I have used with their new utility mounts.

I have to say I think the utility mounts are an outstanding addition.

Powered by Toro’s own engine – 708cc V-Twin producing 24.5hp – it is built to last with cast iron cylinder liners, three ringed pistons and heavy-duty five bolt heads. Engine maintenance is simple with good access to the oil filter and a great quick drain oil hose, which doesn’t require any tools for draining the engine oil.

The Titan 2000 is packed with Toro’s usual quality features such as the proven 52-inch TURBO FORCE® cutting deck, which is known for its robustness and cutting quality. I like the plastic open-ended spindle covers that let some of the debris escape, but also easily remove without tools for thorough cleaning around the spindles.

An improved height adjustment allows the operator to effortlessly change cutting heights via a simple drop-in pin system, which is clearly visible while sitting on the seat. The foldable ROPS has quick release locking pins for fast, simple folding; these also eliminate the annoying vibrations often caused with a pin and clip system.

Toro’s MyRIDE® operator comfort system is a great addition for anyone with rough or uneven terrain. This is a fully independent platform incorporating the seat and foot pan, which consists of two shock-absorbing springs at the rear and one at the front providing a large amount of travel making this platform float above the rest of the machine. As a result the operator can look forward to an extremely comfortable ride with less jarring on rough terrain, lower vibration levels and reduced fatigue when mowing for extended periods.

The two rear springs can be adjusted in seconds without tools so the operator has a choice of a hard or soft ride depending on the terrain and personal preference – a great system.

A handy 12V power socket is located on the control panel, which is great for a flashing light or to charge a phone on the go.

Access to the top of the deck is not quite as good with the MyRIDE® setup because the foot pan is not hinged or removable, although the added operator comfort outweighs this minor issue.

So much time is wasted on large commercial sites returning to a vehicle or trailer to change tools where rubbish must be picked up and edges snipped prior to mowing. Toro’s new utility mounts will save contractors and homeowners valuable time with the ability to carry various tools with them on the machine safely. Mounts for a brush cutter are located on the right-hand side of the machine, holding the tool securely without protruding past the machine’s footprint. A backpack blower, bin and litter plier can be attached to the rear side at the same time. Having these tools and a blower to clean up at the end is awesome; this is my favourite new feature of the Toro Titan 2000.

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