Toro Enhances Workman® GTX Product Line With New EFI Model

EFI technology provides maximum performance in a variety of weather conditions and altitudes.

Toro Australia introduced a new electronic fuel injection (EFI) model to the versatile Workman GTX line as well as additional attachment options including new flatbed solid side kits, fold-down side kits and fold-down rear facing seats. The new options provide superintendents and grounds managers with more choices to build the perfect utility vehicle for each application.

The Toro Workman GTX 429 cc Kohler® EFI model features a closed-loop EFI system, eliminating the choke for maximum performance and reliable starting. This system continually adjusts the engine calibration for changing weather conditions and altitude, as well as the quality, grade and type of fuel.

“Being able to provide optimum performance regardless of weather conditions and altitude is a significant advantage, especially in areas with higher elevations or colder climates,” said Brian Goodridge, Equipment Product Manager at Toro. “With this new technology integrated into the proven, trusted Workman line, there’s now no need to feather the choke to get the engine moving on cold mornings and crews are able to just start it up and get their day started.” Unlike a carburetted or open-loop

EFI system, which does not calibrate itself based on combustion feedback or adjust for fuel quality and other factors, the new Workman GTX’s closed-loop EFI system has an oxygen sensor that provides continuous feedback on quality of combustion. Because of this, the system always delivers the correct amount of fuel and continually checks itself to optimise performance – increasing efficiency for a lower total cost of ownership.

The new model and attachments deliver the same benefits that define the entire Workman GTX line. These grounds and turf crossover vehicles boast an unequalled combination of comfort, utility and control.

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