Toro Compact Utility Loaders

Toro’s range of compact utility loaders give you greater capability and effortless manoeuvrability, increasing productivity with less time in a short learning curve – even for inexperienced operators.

The Toro TX 1000 Compact Utility Loader is specially designed to transport and lift heavier loads.

The Toro TX 1000 Compact Utility Loader is a lightweight, manoeuvrable machine that packs unmatched strength and reach  in a compact package for the ultimate working advantage.

The innovative vertical lift loader arms are a Toro exclusive – specially designed to transport and lift heavier loads. The rated operating capacity 453.6kg (narrow track) and 487.6kg (wide track) means the TX 1000 can handle big loads and still be lightweight and nimble.

The upgraded TX 1000 narrow track model comes with steel reinforced, endless rubber ring tracks with a TF style outer tread, which is more durable and gives even more stability.

Patent-pending controls are easy to operate and an innovative foot-operated auxiliary control results in greater efficiency.

When the loader arms are fully extended, the hinge pin measures an impressive 206cm (81 inches) from the ground to allow the TX 1000 to easily reach over the side of 23m2 dumpsters and 1000kg trucks to maximise jobsite productivity. The vertical lift loader arms keep the load closer to the machine to allow you to lift more weight with greater confidence. The vertical path of the lift arms also allows for more efficient vertical applications such as augering or concrete breaking.

The Toro W320-D Series II Compact Utility Loader offers effortless manoeuvrability.

The W320-D series II diesel compact utility loader is built to deliver a high power-to-weight ratio in the compact utility loader category. At only 104cm wide and zero turn capability, this compact utility loader can access confined spaces and its short length contributes to  efficient trailering.

The patent-pending traction control design is intuitive, easy to operate and effortless. The auxiliary foot control maintains the hydraulic flow to the attachment, which means your hands are freed up to focus on ground speed and attachment positioning.

A dedicated operating platform with thigh and hip padding will offer you more operator comfort too! The platform has a clear line of sight to the attachment plate, machine and jobsite for maximum visibility.

The W320-D Series II comes with a removable counterweight for added lift capacity or increased down pressure for optimal attachment performance.

With a 4 Paw independent 4-wheel drive traction system, it’s sure on its feet in any environment, wet or dry. The Toro wheeled compact utility loader is without doubt,  built for Australia’s tough conditions!

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