There’s a hole lot to love about this digger

If you’ve ever used a post hole digger you will agree they are probably the best hand-held tool for digging neat, deep holes for fences, gates, decks and retaining walls.

But the downside is often the noise and the lungful of exhaust fumes that accompanies using a petrol-powered model. Forget that!

AEG has engineered a 36V FUSION Brushless Post Hole Digger (2 x 18V batteries) that achieves similar torque to a petrol-powered unit (72Nm). And it’s much quieter, too.

It accepts any AEG 18V batteries, (using two at a time) so you don’t need to fork out for another battery platform.

The digger’s powerful FUSION Brushless motor has three speeds (100/150/200rpm), a reverse function, and accepts up to a 250mm auger (sold with unit). It has a thigh-activated anti-kickback bar for added safety and its durable steel frame withstands everyday use.

It has an LED overload light to indicate tool status such as kickback events and tool protection scenarios.

Being a FUSION tool, AEG recommends using two FORCE batteries to get maximum performance.

The post hole digger is part of AEG’s growing 18V range of outdoor power equipment products, which includes the recent additions of an 18V Brushless Pruning Saw and 18V FUSION Secateurs.

The pruning saw produces 3,000 strokes per minute and is designed for single-handed operation, allowing you to grab material with your free hand. Its orbital cutting action provides up to 20 per cent faster cutting speed. It features tool-less blade change and comes with a 6” pruning blade.

The FUSION Secateurs have a cutting cycle time of less than a second and the blades are made from SK5 hardened steel, to provide precise and clean cuts in softwood (<30mm diameter) and hardwood (<25mm).

The blades can also be removed for sharpening or replacing.

Also part of the 18V range is a Jet Blower, 12” Brushless Chainsaw, 36V (2 x 18V) FUSION Lawn Mower, 550mm FUSION Hedge Trimer, 18V/58V Hybrid 15L Backpack Sprayer, 33cm Brushless Line Trimmer, 500mm Articulating Hedge Trimmer Attachment, and 254mm Pole Saw Attachment.

Collectively, it’s an arsenal of tools that would suit any landscaper or professional garden who can also use their batteries and chargers on AEG’s extensive range of power construction tools.

So, if you’re in the market for outdoor power equipment that uses your existing 18V batteries, choose AEG.

Available at Bunnings, Adelaide Tools, or delivered direct to your site via the AEG Onsite team. Call Matt on 0438 110 636 from AEG Onsite and he’ll get a whole lot of AEG out to your site.

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