The worlds first all-electric commercial mower

The commercial mowing industry has been crying out for an environmentally-friendly mower that meets public expectations while also delivering operator safety and business efficiency. Civiline’s Raymo Torpedo remote controlled mower is the world’s first all-electric commercial mower, and it ticks all the boxes.

Environmentally on point – no noise, no emissions
The community is increasingly sensitive to environmental factors and the amenity of public spaces, placing pressure on commercial operators. A remote controlled mower that delivers on this hot topic sends a message that you recognise these issues and are prepared to make a difference. The benefit is twofold – taking positive action and being seen to take positive action.

Distributed by Inlon, Civiline’s Raymo Torpedo is a low impact, low noise, low disturbance commercial mower. It features a Lithium-Ion battery system, electric 4-wheel drive with zero-turn capabilities and electric deck drive without belts. It has the lowest energy cost and the highest ecological credentials while offering the opportunity to use renewable energy generation sources when recharging.

All round safety
Raymo’s remote control means the operator is safely and comfortably off the mower. Working remotely gives a view of the entire mowing scene that would not occur if sitting on the mower focused on driving forward. This provides improved safety for the general public and foot and vehicle traffic.

The machine has a very low-profile enabling mowing around obstacles, under park furniture and low branches. Its low centre of gravity and balanced weight distribution provide traction and stability on slopes. The operator is removed from the danger of roll-over on slopes or having contact with overhead obstacles. The work is free of vibration, noise and ZTR motion reducing fatigue and errors.

Agile and efficient
Suitable for so many commercial mowing applications, the Raymo has a MULT-E-CARE linkage system enabling different attachments on the front, while the POWERSWAP system offers quick-change battery and hybrid power options.

The 120 Amp-Hour Lithium-Ion battery module is on wheels and can be easily loaded, swapped and reloaded into the mower. Typical mowing time on a full charge is 4-5 hours with the standard 42” deck depending on the density of grass, cut height and ground slope.

An optional Hybrid mode offers unlimited mowing time where needed. It consists of a 56 Amp-hour battery and 208cc petrol engine with integrated 2kW generator. Auto- Stop/Start technology controls the engine depending on overall needs and charge level.

Plug-in charging and battery swapping mean low operating costs and long working hours. Low maintenance is another benefit with no liquid fuels or oils, and no filters or servicing schedules that are typical with combustion engine mowers.

Civiline’s Raymo Torpedo remote controlled mower is a safe, silent, zeroemission, zero-vibration, agile and modular mower. Using the latest technology for your mowing operation shows you are forward thinking and committed to innovation and the environment.

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