The wait is over

The Landscape Association is excited to announce the release of its all-new Rates Guide app.

Long considered the go-to industry resource, The Rates Guide: Schedule of Rates for Landscape Works is more essential now than ever. In the fast paced, ever changing, and highly competitive landscape profession, it is vital to provide quotes to clients quickly and efficiently while ensuring costs are covered and profit included.

Previously only available in hard copy, the all-new Rates Guide app continues to provide all the information you need but in a far more accessible way. Available for use on desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile, the Rates Guide app is ready wherever and whenever you are, even when you don’t have access to the internet. In the office or out on site, the Rates Guide app has you covered.

Clean, clear, and very easy to read, the Rates Guide app is a powerful tool for ensuring your quotes can be written quickly and accurately, saving you and your team valuable time. Divided into sections for easy reference, The Rates Guide app also has a lightning-fast search function that makes navigation an absolute breeze.

The Landscape Association know just how important it is for the rates they provide to reflect changing industry conditions and price fluctuations. So, perhaps the most important change to the Rates Guide is that it can be updated more often to stay current with market pricing.

The great news for TLA Members is that access to the Rates Guide app continues to be free as part of your membership benefits. The new Rates Guide is available now so, simply log in to your account and you can start using the app today.

Non-Members can also gain access the Rates Guide via an annual subscription of $420 p/a, with a pay-by-the-month option available.

For those of you who are not yet Members of The Landscape Association, why not visit their website and consider the excellent suite of services and resources we offer to support every aspect of your landscaping business. An initial one-year membership provides over $1000 worth of benefits and represents excellent value for more money.

Make the most of every opportunity and watch your business thrive. With TLA in your corner you can’t go wrong.

Go to now and discover for yourself how Membership can give your business a new edge.

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