Wacker Neuson ‘Dual View’ Dumper

Unobstructed View In Every Direction

New standards in terms of operator and construction site safety, flexibility and cost effectiveness are set by the Dual View wheel dumpers from Wacker Neuson with payloads of 6 to 10 tonnes. Dual View allows the operator to conveniently and quickly change the seat position through a 180-degree rotation of the entire operator control panel and the seat console. This always gives the operator a perfect view in the direction of travel – during transport, loading and dumping.

The Dual View dumpers DV60, DV90 and DV100 set new standards for unrestricted view in every situation. The seat console and the control panel can be rotated conveniently from the operator’s seat by simply unlocking the console and then turning it to define the direction of view and travel. The concept optimises the line-of-sight both in the new main direction of travel as well as in the working area facing the skip. “With our new Dual View wheel dumpers, we have completely redefined the topic of safety in this segment. Together with customers from a variety of markets, we were able to develop a solution that is easy to handle and at the same time has a big effect,” reports Alexander Greschner, CSO of the Wacker Neuson Group.

Optimal View = More Safety

The operator changes the direction of view and the forwards travel direction with the seat position. Time-consuming turning and manoeuvring are therefore no longer necessary. Dual View unfurls its strengths in particular on small, confined construction sites, such as in urban areas, tunnels or on busy roads. The operator steers the wheel dumper with the skip in the travel direction on the construction site, loads or unloads it with a full view of the loading area and, after a 180-degree rotation of the seat, drives away again in the same way with a free line-of-sight without having to turn the vehicle. In this way, the operator always has the working environment in full view, which means significantly more safety. Even a fully loaded skip no longer blocks the view because the operator leaves the skip behind him during travel, as with a truck. In order to keep the environment around the skip in view, a rear-view camera can be installed as an option, which is well-protected in a frame. An optional front-view camera completes the perfect view. Both cameras as well as the display meet the highest protection class rating IP69 (dustproof and protection against water ingression during steam jet cleaning), making them ideal for the harsh conditions on the construction site.

More Safety Through Time-Tested And Proven Comfort

Other time-tested and proven safety features, such as the hydrostatic drive, the wear-free spring-loaded parking brake, as well as the operation via joystick, which can be used to guarantee that the operator always keeps a hand on the steering wheel, ensure the simple and intuitive operation of the Dual View dumpers. In addition to the canopy version or fold-down roll over protective structure, the Dual View models are also available with a cabin. A sturdy protective grating on the skip protects the operator and cabin from falling material and from damage from an excavator bucket.

Efficient Load Carrier

Wacker Neuson wheel dumpers can do all the traditional transport work, but also offer additional advantages. Thanks to their articulated pendulum joint, these are much more manoeuvrable and off-road capable than trucks and can also be used in uneven terrain. Even under full load, they always remain in contact with the ground and retain very good traction, even in uneven terrain. Thanks to the variable 180-degree tilting, a flexible swivel tip skip ensures that material can be precisely distributed.

Overall, with the Dual View dumpers, Wacker Neuson offers its customers 20 different models of track and wheel dumpers, which are in particular characterised by simple and safe operation as well as their comfort. They can be flexibly outfitted and used to meet individual customer needs.

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