The Ultima Series ZTS: A new standard in zero-turn control

Ultima Series ZTS

Experience the ultimate all-around mowing experience with enhanced strength, manoeuverability, comfort, and steering wheel control, Cub Cadet’s Ultima Series ZTS.

It’s time to step up to the ultimate mowing experience with Cub Cadet’s Ultima Series ZTS. Bringing Cub Cadet’s innovative Synchro-SteerTM technology to the light prosumer range of zero turns, the Ultima Series, the ZTS range gives confident control on hills and added manoeuverability – backed up by Cub Cadet’s strength, comfort, and cutting performance that will get you one step closer to giving your customers their best lawn yet.

The Ultima Series ZTS range, ideal for small acreage applications, is fitted with a powerful 679cc Cub Cadet engine that can cut across larger areas with ease. The dual Hydro-GearTM ZT Transmissions also allow for quick and effortless mowing, providing you with a consistent performance and a smoother ride.

Built tough for demanding jobs, the Ultima ZTS features a continuous 5cm x 5cm tubular steel frame for enhanced strength, it also boasts heavy-duty fabricated decks from 107cm (42”) to a larger 117cm (46”) for added durability, productivity, and peace of mind for years to come.

Stepping up your control from traditional lap bars with Synchro-SteerTM technology, the Ultima Series ZTS delivers four-wheel control for enhanced precision, manoeuvrability and stability on different types of terrain, including on slopes of up to 20 degrees. The technology also reduces overlap so you can hold the steering wheel in place without constantly adjusting to help deliver those perfect lawn stripes, for an even, professional looking cut.

Ultima Series ZTS

The ZTS range also delivers first class comfort designed with your needs in mind. The soft-touch steering wheel with adjustable steering column offers fully intuitive control so you can maintain a comfortable driving position when mowing for longer periods. The automotive-inspired, fully adjustable 51cm high-back set with armrests, as well as standard rubber floor mats, will also keep you riding smoothly and comfortably when cutting at maximum forward speeds of up to 11km/h.

Seamless maintenance features will also impress with a highly accessible hinged floor pan for easy deck access, as well as maintenance-free spindles that make routine maintenance quick and easy, meaning more time mowing and less time maintaining your zero turn. And smart extras will have you working efficiently through your workday, with an electric PTO for easy engagement and disengagement of the cutting blades, a handy onboard multi-tool and in-built LED headlights for low light work.

The Cub Cadet Ultima Series ZTS is available now in the following models: ZTS1 42 with a 679cc Cub Cadet engine and 107cm 42” fabricated deck and the ZTS1 46 with a 679cc Cub Cadet engine and 117cm (46”) fabricated deck. Both models offer a 3-year domestic warranty and a 90-day commercial warranty across the engine and unit.

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