GARDENA Fittings Perfect Combination

GARDENA Premium SuperFLEX Hose now comes fitted with GARDENA Premium Brass Fittings.

GARDENA is constantly looking for ways to improve its products to better satisfy passionate gardeners. When the focus turned to the hose category, the premium SuperFLEX hose was deemed exceptionally well-designed with its superior multi-layered construction, embossed Power Grip strip and toxin-free long-lasting material.

“Having put tremendous effort into the GARDENA SuperFLEX hose design at the time of its launch a few years ago, we felt that the SuperFLEX hose features and benefits were still significantly satisfying consumer expectations. We therefore turned our attention to other aspects of the hose purchase,” said Josh Turner, Product & Marketing Manager for GARDENA Australia.

“The purchase of the GARDENA SuperFLEX hose has always included a set of GARDENA OGS plastic fittings allowing the consumer to ‘click and water’ immediately after purchase. Although our plastic fittings are of superior quality and backed by an industry-leading warranty, the addition of the new GARDENA Brass Fittings to the range has now allowed us to offer an even more premium product,” continued Mr Turner.

“We are pleased to now offer our premium hose, the SuperFLEX fitted with our equally premium fittings, GARDENA Brass,” concluded Mr. Turner.

Available in 15m and 30m options, the premium 13mm GARDENA SuperFLEX Hose delivers superior PowerGrip, flexibility and a threaded spiral that guarantees high-pressure resistance and dimensional stability.


Its product quality is unsurpassable thanks to its superior multi-layered construction. The interior of the GARDENA SuperFLEX Hose consists of a black inner layer designed to prevent unwanted algae growth. Surrounding the inner layer are two distinct threads, a carbon impregnated spiral for strength and form stability, and a polyester spiral with increased density for maximum flexibility reducing the likelihood of kinks, knots and twists. A micro-structured and transparent outer shell encases the hose and its pearl effect prevents dirt deposits and scratches.

The SuperFLEX Hose now comes fitted with the following GARDENA Brass Fittings, which are made of the highest quality non-corrosive solid brass, not plated:

  • Universal Tap Nut Adaptor with its easy grip non-slip profile with specially designed notches providing a quick and effortless tool-free connection
  • Hose Connector with a specially shaped prolonged sleeve nut helping prevent the hose from kinking
  • Water Stop Hose Connector with its stop feature, which cuts water flow when disconnected from a hose accessory

The new GARDENA 15m SuperFLEX Hose and the GARDENA 30m SuperFLEX Hose are covered by the GARDENA 30-year warranty.

GARDENA Premium SuperFLEX Hose with Brass Fittings are available at Bunnings Warehouse.

To learn more about the complete range of GARDENA hose products visit the website at http://GARDENA.COM
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