The new Husqvarna Axes range gives a splitting effect with high impact

Axes are some of the oldest tools known to mankind. Today, they are used to chop firewood, to prune or to fell trees. The newly developed Husqvarna Axes range including the Universal Axes, Universal Hatchet and Splitting Axes get the job done.

Universal Axes: The two new Universal Axes A1400 and A2400 have optimised blade geometry for the respective application. This guarantees efficient and easy handling for wood working. The Universal Axes have a streamlined axe head with double-edged blades and a pointed cutting angle to easily penetrate the wood. The balance point is close to the axe head giving perfect balance and weight distribution.

Universal Hatchet: The new Universal Hatchet H900 is ideal for outdoor garden work and is suitable for one hand use. This is the smallest axe in this range with a head weight of 700g that measures 34cm in length. The Universal Hatchet is also suitable for outdoor and trekking activities.    

Splitting Axes: The two new Splitting Axes A1600 and A2800 have a sharp-edged blade with a wedged shaped head to better split wood. With innovative hollow grinding, the Splitting Axes are ideal for effectively splitting firewood in a time efficient way.    

 Key Features of the New Husqvarna Axes Range

  • Hollow Blade Grinding allows for easy entry into the wood.
  • Optimal angle geometry for optimal splitting performance.
  • Shaft protection for longer product life
  • Hammer function for easy and effective use of splitting edges.
  • Ergonomic handle with modified fibre and soft grip.
  • Excellent weight distribution
  •  Husqvarna axes are lightweight.
  • Injection moulded axe heads
  • A coating provides additional protection against corrosion
  • Husqvarna provides a 10-year warranty for all axes.                        
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