The new age of outdoor power equipment

Petrol. It’s a volatile topic these days. Especially since at any given moment prices could double, triple, crash, then jump again. It’s hard enough having to fill your car with the stuff, and since your tools rely on it too, pressure is mounting. And it’s not just financial. Studies have found petrol-powered leaf blowers can produce the same amount of emissions as a vehicle driving 1770km.

Thankfully, there’s a solution that’s better for your business and the environment. It’s called EGO Power Plus.

Now. Let’s get into it.

Think outside

EGO’s 56V ARC Lithium™ battery technology is industry leading, with features that put it leaps and bounds ahead of competitors. That isn’t hyperbole. EGO Power Plus is Australia’s most awarded cordless platform. These super cells are at the heart of every EGO tool. They run longer, charge faster and work harder than anything else, delivering all the power of petrol without the noise, fuss or fumes.

One of the most powerful commercial handheld blowers on the market.
Built different

The EGO Commercial Series is designed with you in mind, and every tool has innovations that make work easier than ever. Take the line trimmer for example. It does away with unnecessary weight, and features a carbon-fibre shaft that won’t bend or lose its shape, keeping vibration levels to a minimum. Or the top-handle chainsaw’s chain-brake safety system that stops motor function the second kickback occurs. Every EGO is a cut above, and with the telescopic power pole reaching up to six metres, we mean that literally. And there’s the commercial handheld blower too – one of the most powerful on the market.

But the best features are the ones you don’t notice. Things like reduced noise levels that protect hearing, lighter products that reduce fatigue, and ergonomic comfort only made possible when the combustion engine is left behind. Plus, with the backpack battery or harness attached there’s even more benefits. You can evenly re-distribute weight and work for hours on end without feeling a second if it.

Jake from Northern Beaches Tree Services gives the ECO+ the thumbs up.
The choice is yours

Aside from being the industry’s leading cordless-battery platform, EGO is also the most flexible. You’ve got options when it comes to batteries, ranging from 2.5Ah to 12.0Ah. They’re also compatible with every single EGO product. Just slot in your battery of choice and get to work. Naturally, you’ll save money too, with two months of EGO time equating to one day of running the average two-stroke tool.

Ahead of the curve

California is set to ban petrol-powered outdoor equipment by 2024. Australia could be next. But that doesn’t mean you need to compromise on performance. With EGO’s Commercial Series, your work can be quieter, cleaner and more efficient than ever before.

The future starts here. Are you onboard?

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