The Landscape Show Goes Virtual

Amidst the uncertain times we have all been living through, innovation and creative thinking have led to major changes in how we communicate and socialise, and even how we do business.

The Landscape Show 2020 like most major events fell victim to the Coronavirus and was cancelled, however with a little bit of clever thinking and changing how events are delivered, it is great news for the landscaping industry that ‘the show will go on’!

The Good News

The Landscape Show will be back and has been rescheduled into 2021 to ensure that it operates at the highest possible level for the benefit of all stakeholders – Sponsors, Exhibitors and most importantly Attendees. A new date of Wednesday May 26, 2021 has been confirmed and all other details remain exactly the same.

The Best News

All is not lost for 2020! The Virtual Landscape Show will be held on May 27 this year (the original date the 2020 show was going to be held), with offers and discounts from the Exhibitors who are sticking it out for the long run into 2021.

In these tough times we all need to support one another to ensure our industry stays strong and comes out the other side of this unprecedented time even stronger.

How to get involved in the Virtual Show

The countdown is on! Offers will only be active from 8:00am on May 27 so make a note to head to to get in on the action. This could be the perfect time to use the Government’s increased Instant Asset Write-Off threshold from $30k to $150k for a new piece of equipment for your business!

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