The Landscape Association sowing the seeds of future growth

No one knows better than a landscaper that, in life, you get out what you put in. Future success hinges on careful planning and hard work in the present. Since its foundation well over 40 years ago, The Landscape Association (TLA) has been guided by dedicated board members with talent, experience, and a passion for the future of the industry.

The past few years of COVID have been challenging for the landscaping industry, and with it, TLA. Delivering core member benefits had to evolve and certainly, everyone missed the ability to get together in a face-to-face and social setting. Overall, the industry has weathered the storm, most landscapers have years of work on their books and a bright future to look forward to, much like the association.

Earlier this year the TLA Board undertook a broad examination of its operations to ensure the organisation remains solid and focused on delivering the benefits of greatest value to its members and corporate partners. A new CEO, Jodie Dean, has been appointed to oversee the efforts and steer the association through a time of refocus and growth.

From this, a new strategic plan was developed highlighting several specific priorities. The core objectives remain, and TLA will always exist to further the growth and professionalism of the landscape industry. The team will remain agile, focusing on membership growth, brand awareness, and business excellence. The process also cemented TLA’s values, which have been defined as:

• Value creation – delivering resources, insights, and outcomes that support members to deliver their best work

• Accessible – products, services and the team are readily available and here to help

• Connection – create meaningful industry connections by building an integrated landscaping community

• Trusted – the most trusted source of landscaping expertise, always acting in the best interests of members; and

• Sustainability – paving the way for the industry to play a key role in creating a better future.

Jodie Dean is the ideal candidate to oversee this crucial stage of TLA’s development. She is an experienced executive and operations manager, with a career history specialising in industry, membership and not-for-profit organisations. With over 20 years in the Australian agriculture industry, her technical horticultural knowledge and networks carry over easily to the landscaping industry and are already adding value at TLA.

“This is an exciting time to join TLA,” said Jodie during a recent chat. “The board and membership have put a great deal of effort into cementing its future direction, with a genuine focus on its members. Equally, I am focused on win-win outcomes and that will be my sole focus in developing the 2023 calendar of events for TLA and evolving our corporate partnership offering.”

Jodie will soon become a familiar face at upcoming events and looks forward to meeting all TLA members and sponsors in the coming months.

TLA has recently conducted a membership survey to gain insights into the key issues impacting members and their businesses. The results will also shape the way TLA engages and communicates with its members moving forward. If you missed the survey, please email or call the team with your comments.

Excitingly, a range of new membership benefits and categories will be launched for 2023. At the centre of this will be a drive to engage and support young people entering the industry, including free memberships for TAFE students. New, affordable, individual memberships will also be available for those employed professionals that want to develop their own networks, knowledge, and career paths. TLA will have something new for Supplier Members too, with an enhanced Supplier PLUS package to be launched. This will provide product and service suppliers an opportunity to increase their profile to TLA landscaping members and build their clientele. Similarly, TLA will review its current sponsor arrangements to ensure they are delivering corporate partners real and targeted return on investment, including direct commercial engagement with members.

In time, TLA will turn its attention to expanding TLA’s footprint across NSW, better servicing ACT members, and growing membership right across the State. The positive from COVID is the regionalisation that took place, and this is an immense opportunity that the association wants to capitalise on, and support landscapers, wherever they are based in NSW or the ACT.

More information about these developments will be available soon. To learn more about TLA, visit the website at or follow our social media channels.

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