The Honda VersAttach® System

The Brush has just been released as the ninth attachment to the Honda VersAttach® System and is the perfect tool to keep your ground surfaces clean. Honda’s Brush attachment is lightweight, at just 6.3kg, ensuring any clean-up job will be quick and easy, no matter what the surface.

Being suitable for pavement, roadways, cobbled paths and artificial grass ensures you can safely remove both dry and wet debris from any surface. The Brush’s max sweep width of 600mm is perfect for sweeping away fallen leaves and foliage, as well as removing water from hard surfaces.

Lightweight. Just 6.3kg.
The Brush has just been released
as the ninth attachment to
Honda’s VersAttach® System.
Performance and comfort

Honda knows the importance of power, performance and reliability, which is why the company goes to extraordinary lengths to ensure best-in-market quality. The VersaTool and all its attachments – including its two powerheads – are of contractor quality. You have the choice of either a 25cc or 35cc powerhead, both powered by a Honda GX Series four-stroke engine ready for any of the nine attachments available, including the Brushcutter, Edger, Blower, Pruner, Short and Long Shaft Hedgetrimmer, Cultivator, Brush and Extension Pole.

Both engines have strong low-end torque characteristics, allowing many jobs to be performed at partial throttle, increasing fuel efficiency while reducing noise and operator fatigue.

The innovative design of the engines provides for full, 360-degree operation, allowing the VersaTool to be used—and stored—upright, sideways or even upside down. The innovative joint locking system makes it easy to connect attachments with confidence. Just push and click to lock your attachment in place, with no tools required. The locking system is wear-resistant, offers intuitive assembly and instant, secure engagement of attachments. In addition, the anti-vibration system provides comfortable use, especially for long periods of operation.


Honda’s Brushcutter and Edger attachments are a must have for any contractor when it comes to lawn maintenance. Both attachments are ergonomically designed, lightweight and easy to use to ensure they get the job done. The Blower attachment does not disappoint and will blow away the remaining debris to keep the garden and paths clean with its excellent power and high air velocity.

When it comes to the hedges, the Pruner attachment makes trimming, pruning and cutting high branches look like child’s play and is the perfect tool to use with Honda’s Extension Pole. The Extension Pole will add an extra metre of reach, also making it a suitable addition to the Short Shaft Hedgetrimmer.

The Short Shaft Hedgetrimmer features a 500mm double-sided blade with a cutter guard to ensure safety and prevent injuries. It also offers seven different cutting positions across 110 degrees and can tackle any hedge, bush or foliage.

The Long Shaft Hedgetrimmer attachment has recently undergone product improvements and offers eleven different cutting positions. It features a 540mm double sided blade with 180-degree rotation and the adjustable joint allows for both left and right pivot along with an improved locking mechanism. When it comes to storage, the fold-over design has been improved to a 360-degree rotation, making it easier to put away. An anti-snapping guard is also now included.

Honda’s VersaTool and all its
attachments – including its two
powerheads – are of contractor quality.

Honda’s VersaTool is the ultimate gardening assistant. No matter the job, the VersaTool has you covered. One-year contractor warranty is available on all parts and attachments. Honda is happy to inform customers they can purchase their very own VersaTool in store now with all nine of the attachments readily available.

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