The Greenwall Company’s First 6 Green Star Rated Building

The University of Queensland (UQ) recently introduced their new Global Change
Institute Building, which features The Greenwall Company’s unique greenwalls as the
key design feature. The building has received a six green star rating, which is the
highest green star rated project that The Greenwall Company have worked on to

The Greenwall Company installed a 70m2 paneled greenwall over the airconditioning
vent. This formed part of the air filtration system, allowing the greenwall
to clean and purify the air, which facilitates the idea of a “living building”. The
Greenwall design also truly embodies the university’s green ethos and ongoing
commitment to sustainability in research and education.

Mark Paul, Founder and Director of The Greenwall Company says, “We are really
pleased with the results and aesthetics of the greenwalls we installed in the UQ
Global Change Institute Building.

“It was a great honor to be a part of such a vast project which solely focused on
sustainable design, practices and use of resources, which is what we are all about,”
expressed Mark.

The new building was designed to meet the highest sustainable standards. UQ aimed
to utilise design and construction techniques that would allow for more efficient use
of energy and resources. The building currently holds a six green star rating, which
further recognises The Greenwall Company’s leadership in environmental awareness
and raises a greater understanding of the benefits of sustainable design, construction
and urban planning.

The greenwalls have been installed in a way that will eventually allow them to be
self-sustained within the building, needing only minimal maintenance. This will assist in
moving away from the usual framework of consumption of resources to one that
contributes to the restoration and regeneration of the environment.

The Greenwall Company pride itself on building their walls from 94 per cent of
recyclable materials that would otherwise be destined for Australian landfill, taking
the benefit of their greenwalls beyond just the aesthetic appeal.

Mark Paul said, “This project has been a great opportunity for The Greenwall
Company to be apart of. This project helps reinforces UQ’s commitment to
innovation and sustainability and I hope that their push towards more eco-friendly
practices will lead the way and encourage other universities, government bodies
and corporate companies to follow suit.”

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