The Greenwall Company awarded Australian Institute of Horticulture Award of Excellence

Mark Paul, creator of Australia’s first greenwall over 30 years ago, sustainability innovator and founder of The Greenwall Company, has been presented with the 2020 Award of Excellence by the Australian Institute of Horticulture (AIH).

The former Horticulturist of the Year has this year been recognised for inspiring research and development of recycled materials being used in greenwalls.

Mark Paul said, “It is wonderful to receive recognition of the ongoing research and development we are doing to make our greening solutions, particularly our EcoPillows, even more sustainable on our journey to reclaim the built environment.

“We’ve been using broken down PET bottles for years, but more recently have found ways to incorporate polystyrene and ground coffee waste into our soilless media. We have proven our media, which is lightweight inorganic media, stands the test of time, and does not breakdown – this is evident in some of our oldest greenwalls, which are over 30 years old, and still going strong. Our media is 400kg per cubic metre, which makes it suitable for all of our products, from greenroofs to eco gabions and greenwalls,” said Mark.

The many benefits of greening spaces with Mark Paul’s soilless designs include:
• EcoPillows are lightweight and when wetted out are 60kg/sqm
• Can be installed indoors or outdoors without limitations of dimensions and luminosity
• Countless creative possibilities: no two installations look the same. Guaranteed aesthetic impact!
• Biodiversity
• Thermal isolation of any surface, resulting in great energy savings
• Absorption of pollutants and noise, greatly improving acoustics
• Increase of relative humidity and air oxygenation
• Can be moved to a new location
• Carbon is withdrawn from the atmosphere, reducing the greenhouse effect
• Made from reused and recycled materials
• Low maintenance, only requires quarterly maintenance
• Has a dedicated irrigation system
• Doesn’t require large structural support to house them

Thanks to the new advancements in the EcoPillow design, Mark and his team have recently been able to create large scale planters, minus the pot or planter box as well as a unique new way to grow a cactus garden, also minus the pots.

Recent projects include a variety of home greenroofs from across metropolitan Sydney and Melbourne.

Michael Casey, President of the AIH said, “On behalf of the Australian Institute of Horticulture, we congratulate you on the wonderful work that you do in supporting and raising awareness of the importance of horticulture in today’s world. Your pioneering work in Green Wall technology was awarded with you receiving the AIH Horticulturist of the Year in 2012. Your current research and development of recycled materials in Green Walls is inspiring and for this alone the AIH and the industry congratulate you for your work.”

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