The Green Climber

You know those green areas that really need maintenance, but you keep putting them off… possibly due to safety concerns, or even just the sheer challenge of it?

Enter the Green Climber – challenge accepted.

The fully remote-controlled Green Climber mower is perfect for carrying out maintenance of grass areas, roadsides and highways, particularly in inconvenient or dangerous to reach places, especially on steep terrain.

Keeping steep grass areas under control tends to be labour intense, back-breaking work, often in unsafe working conditions.

Your health and safety, and the safety of others around you is paramount.

Thanks to the extendable undercarriage tracks and low centre of gravity, the Green Climber’s awesome grip on the terrain allows it to tackle steep gradients (up to 60 degrees!) with ease, uphill, downhill and diagonally – resulting in a safe job executed with speed and precision.

As a result, safety-conscious maintenance companies and councils across Australia are investing in Green Climbers to help them tackle those challenging areas – on steep roadsides, close to oncoming traffic etc., negating the need for traffic control. As a bonus, it’ll get the job done a lot faster as well.

Mowing is not all it’s good for, either. The Green Climber has a range of different heads, so whether you’re digging, stump grinding, bulldozing, slashing or lifting, it’s here to help.

Want some more information on how you can get the job done efficiently and safely? Know an area that could do with a little attention from one of these beasts? Book a demo today! SME will bring the machine to you – take the controls, and give it a test drive yourself to find out just how tough the Green Climber really is.

Give Specialised Mowing Equipment a call on 1800 088 567 to get in touch with a product specialist.

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