The Armorgard way

Landscape gardeners, grounds maintenance workers, and those working in agriculture are all subject to the risk of tool theft. For those who unfortunately have been affected by this will know that being without tools is extremely stressful and very expensive. Rural crime costs millions of dollars each year, that’s why it’s imperative to have expensive tools and equipment kept safe, secure, and away from thieves! Combat tool and equipment theft… the Armorgard way.

The StrimmerSafe Vault and StrimmerSafe Rack go hand in hand

One of Armorgard’s most popular products in the grounds care market is the StrimmerSafe Rack, keeping your whipper snipper secure and organised while maximising storage space.

Armorgard StrimmerSafe Rack.

This unique multipurpose storage system can be used to secure up to five whipper snippers, or similar long handled tools such as hedge cutters and chainsaws. Robustly constructed, with twin 5-lever deadlocks and a hinged heavy-duty welded lid, the unit can also be bolted to a wall for an added layer of security. The base is equipped with a bunded drip tray to contain accidental spills of oil or fuel.

“I feel much happier now that my tools are safely secured in my Armorgard box” Lincoln Barber, Marldon.

The Armorgard StrimmerSafe Vault is a secure tool and equipment unit specifically designed for housing whipper snipper and long handled tools.

Perfect for use in vehicles or workshops, this highly secure vault benefits from a twin 5-lever heavy-duty locking mechanism – once the lid is shut and locked, the whipper snipper is virtually impossible to remove.

The lid is fitted with hydraulic gas struts for easy opening, while an internal divider system allows two whipper snippers to be stored neatly and safely side by side. Organised and secure, name a better combo!

Storage without limits


The Armorgard Forma-Stor is the perfect flat-packed storage solution to add to your tool security collection. Its modular design makes it possible to assemble the units very quickly, making it the best for efficient storage! With four different sizes available you can be sure there will be a Forma-Stor suitable for all your storage needs.

Even better, level up your Forma-Stor with additional features! They help to improve its safety, security, and usability even further:

  • Blokkabar – 10mm steel bar to fit across the door for added security
  • Sturdy shelves – weight loading of up to 200kg for organised storage
  • Ramp – up to 1 tonne weight load for ease of access to the Forma-Stor.

Matthew Partride, head of R&D at Armorgard HQ, comments on the innovations created for the grounds maintenance sector: “The team and I are constantly working to innovate our products to ensure that your equipment is protected by some of the toughest solutions on the market.”

Have peace of mind that your expensive tools and equipment are protected: supplying the industry for over 30 years.

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