TerraCottem® soil conditioner

TerraCottem® soil conditioner is an effective mixture of more than 20 components which works synergetically to significantly improve soil quality and H2O and nutrient retention for healthier plant growth.

TerraCottem® ensures trees, lawns, shrubs, gardens and plants grow healthy and strong all year. Across Australia, TerraCottem® achieves excellent project outcomes resulting in greener, healthier and more liveable landscapes for the community.

Want faster and healthier plant establishment? Want to reduce water and fertiliser needs for up to 10 years? Want to make sure your plants grow healthy despite irregular rainfall?

Let TerraCottem® Soil Conditioner help you get the job done.

Does what it says

TerraCottem® has been on the international market since 1993, and all TerraCottem® products are accredited or certified by independent laboratories and research institutes.

As a leading product globally, TerraCottem® is doing commercial and scientific work with reputable organisations and companies in over 40 countries. The ‘Smart Approved Watermark’ also proves the product does what it says on the label: helps reduce irrigation water.

Planting and replanting trees and shrubs

Help plants to grow healthy and green. Save workload and money by taking the correct steps at planting. Whether you are planting a seedling or an already grown plant, TerraCottem® increases the tree’s survival rate, accelerates plant growth, and increases its resistance to stress due to lack of water. TerraCottem® will achieve excellent results in degraded, saline or marginal soils.


TerraCottem® soil conditioner makes lawns robust and green all year long. Plants planted in soil containing TerraCottem® will live longer. Additionally, you can reduce the watering frequency by up to 50% and achieve excellent resistance to drought.

• TerraCottem® Turf is based on the original formula, but the proportions and ratios of the mix are tailored specifically to turf. Everything is geared towards remarkable root development so that turf, seeded grass or sprigs are firmly anchored and fast.

• TerraCottem® Arbor has been developed especially for tree and shrub planting. Central to this latest formulation are the new-generation polymers, including humic acids, to enhance waterretention capacity, soil structure and microbiological activity, and tree-specific fertiliser. Enhance root and plant growth and increase tree survival while reducing inputs and replacement costs.

• The original TerraCottem® Universal is the product of over 30 years of research and development. Universal is the best choice for most situations – planting trees and shrubs, revegetation, flower beds and roof gardens, rain gardens, containers, and horticulture.

• TerraCottem® Complement has been specially developed for situations where the soil needs active replenishing. Crops and annual beds are a good example – they’re heavy feeders. TerraCottem®

Complement restores the components consumed during the previous growing season, as well as those lost each time plants are pulled from the soil.

Inquire about TerraCottem® today: terracottem.com.au/

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